Board appointees

Annually, the Board of Directors appoints members to chair key committees and oversee the projects of the organization. Board appointees are listed here.

Board of Directors
Deb Stone - Chair
chairman at
Heather Poirier - First Vice Chair
firstvicechair at
LaRae Bakerink - Second Vice Chair
secondvicechair at
Lori Norris - Secretary
secretary at
Robert Salkin - Treasurer
treasurer at
Lisa Maxwell - Region 1 RVC
rvc1 at
Cam Smart - Region 2 RVC
rvc2 at
Julia Ashley - Region 3 RVC
rvc3 at
George Haynes - Region 4 RVC
rvc4 at
Baker Ring - Region 5 RVC
rvc5 at
Tasha Criss - Region 6 RVC
rvc6 at
Greg Kontz - Region 7 RVC
rvc7 at
SueAnn Gilmore - Region 8 RVC
rvc8 at
Desiree Elliott - Region 9 RVC
rvc9 at
Thomas G. Thomas - Region 10 RVC
rvc10 at
Anthony Jackowski - Communications Officer
communications at
Nancy Farrar - Development Officer
development at
Marie Mayer - Director of Science & Education
dse at
Stephanie Thornton - Membership Officer
membership at
Pam Donahoo - Executive Director
executivedirector at

Others Elected
Bud Klueck - National Ombudsman
ombudsman at

Special Appointments
Rita Charles - Advocate
advocate at
LaRae Bakerink - AG 2016 Chair
ag2016chair at
Marc Lederman - AG 2017 Chair
ag2017chair at
Anthony Jackowski - AG Policy Committee
communications at
Lori Norris - Bylaws Committee
bylaws at
Anthony Jackowski - Communications Committee
communications at
Anthony Jackowski - Achieving Communications Excellence
prp at
Cam Smart - Community Services Committee
communityservices at
Lacee Hudec - Mind Games® Chair
chair at
Megan Edwards - Election Committee
electionchair at
Deb Stone - Executive Committee
chair at
Mark Silverstein - Interpretive Counsel
interpretivecounsel at
Rob Salkin - Finance & Audit Committee
treasurer at
Sean McCormick - Gifted Youth Committee
giftedyouth at
Russ Bakke - Hearings Committee
hearings at
LaRae Bakerink - Leadership Development Committee
leadership at
Nancy Farrar - Licensing Committee
development at
Lisa Maxwell - Local Group Logistics Team
rvc1 at
Desiree Elliott - Local Group Revitilization Task Force
RVC9 at
Nancy Farrar - Marketing Committee
development at
Stephanie Thornton - Membership Committee
membership at
Sean Cannon - CultureQuest® Coordinator
culturequest at
Desiree Elliott - Name and Logo Committee
rvc9 at
Art Mattson - National Awards Committee
nationalawards at
Deb Stone - National Representative 1
Chairman at
Heather Poirier - National Representative 2
FirstViceChair at
Rob Salkin - National Representative 3
Treasurer at
LaRae Bakerink - National Representative 4
SecondViceChair at
Jeudi Juetten - National SIGHT Coordinator
sight at
LaRae Bakerink - National Testing Officer
nationaltesting at
Heather Poirier - Planning Committee
FirstViceChair at
Jean Becker - Research Review Committee
researchreview at
LaRae Bakerink - Risk Management Committee
SecondViceChair at
Barbara Kryvko - SIGs Officer
sigsofficer at
Heather Poirier - Site Selection Committee
FirstViceChair at
LaRae Bakerink - Testing Team
SecondViceChair at