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Active Ms International SIG icon
If you're a Mensan who loves sports, hiking, snowboarding, rafting, skating, running, biking, skydiving, you get the idea... This is the SIG for you! Join Active Ms to share ideas and experiences, and plan more active events for gatherings and local groups.

ADR SIG International SIG icon
For trained mediators, arbitrators, practitioners of other forms of alternative dispute resolution, and other Mensa members interested in the field. The ADR SIG "meets" on a Yahoo group for the exchange of ideas regarding best practices, professional development, practice-building, etc., as well as how ADR can be used in Mensa. SIG members who wish to do so may make themselves available pro bono to the National Ombudsman, local group ombudsmen, and RVCs to help settle disputes within Mensa.

Alpinist, Rock Climbing, and Mountaineering SIG International SIG icon
This SIG is for Mensa members active in these particular sports to meet other members for trips and discussions as well as have an online discussion. It would be open to all Mensa members as well as outdoor professionals. It would not be open to the general public so as to provide a filter and give people more confidence in joining people they meet to go on trips. The online discussion is a FaceBook page.

altSIG International SIG icon
An online, Facebook-based group for mensans who fall outside of what is considered "normal" society: goth, punk, gypsy, steampunk, etc. You don't have to fit into any particular subgenre(s) to be a member; everyone is welcome.

Amateur Radio (hamSIG) International SIG icon
A gathering place for all ham operators who are members of any national Mensa - call signs will be verified at - Membership number will be required

American Werewolf's of Mensa SIG International SIG icon
At night the villagers sleep but the Werewolf's wake up and choose a victim of the night. Are you a Werewolf? If you like roll playing or have played Werewolf, Town of Salim or Mafia (Werewolf is way better, really), this might be the SIG for you. There are no dues.

Animal Rights/Vegan SIG International SIG icon
This is a SIG for anyone vegan, vegetarian or simply veg-curious! We will "meet" on Facebook, as well as a YahooGroup, to discuss topics relating to veg eating and animal rights, including our own ideas as well as sending around articles for discussion. We will also strive to develop local chapters to meet up in person for delicious vegan fare or simply to chat!

Ante-Ms International SIG icon
Join this Poker SIG if you would like to discuss anything about poker. Discuss hand strategy, confess your favorite hand to play, vent your bad beats, or brag about your good reads.

Anthropology International SIG icon
Our mission is to promote the understanding of world cultures and their traditions.

Anything Goes M-2-M Discussion International SIG icon
When we say anything goes, we do mean anything. This Mensa-only web based discussion board covers a huge range of topics. With discussion forums from general, family-friendly topics to separate areas for confrontational and adult issues, M-2-M has something for every M.

Art Lovers International SIG icon
Art Lovers SIG is a community of Mensans who love art. Open to fine artists as well as supporters of the arts, Art Lovers SIG offers the opportunity to network with investors in fine art, as well as emerging and established artists.

Asperger-M International SIG icon
This online group is open to all persons diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, Autism, or other developmental disorders of similar nature. We also welcome anyone with any contact with such individuals (aspies or auties, as we call ourselves), or anyone who has questions or wants to learn more about us. We are a very supportive group of adult aspies and parents of aspies (mostly) who share our problems, goals, idiosyncrasies, and successes with each other, and ask for help and suggestions as needed. There is often lively discussion about ideas, especially as they pertain to Autism in general, as well as other topics of interest to us.

Astronomy/AstrophySIG International SIG icon
All aspects of astronomy/astrophysics from amateur observing (you can do real research) to theory and current topics in professional astronomy are covered in this free Web-and-email-based SIG.

AvSIG International SIG icon
If you have your feet on the ground and your heart in the air, join Mensans worldwide for online discussion about all aspects of aviation. From professional pilots to those who just enjoy the ride -- everyone is welcome!

Beer-Me International SIG icon
The Beer SIG is a free Yahoo group for both Mensans and prospective members to discuss beer and brewing. Besides sharing info about beers and pubs found both at home and on the road, we might arrange the occasional "SIG meeting" whenever any of us is traveling, especially for RGs and AGs.

Berning Mensolution International SIG icon
Activist group for affecting change in our political process. Dedicated to a brand new congress and political revolution to enfranchise the people of the United States and our citizens abroad, including but not limited to voting process. Individuals choose focus interest, and give mutual on-line support to other members. Limited to AML members and families.

Bird Brains for Buffett International SIG icon
Intellectuals for Buffett! Special interest group for M's who have a special interest in Jimmy Buffett's music and lifestyle! This is a LOW volume group! You will not be inundated with emails or traffic. Since we are so spread out it's really for sharing your experiences!

Bitcoin SIG International SIG icon
Bitcoin is the world's first global, distributed, decentralized digital currency. It is also the first public distributed database that has innumerable non-currency uses.This SIG is used for discussing developments in the Bitcoin protocol and in the ecosystem being built around it. The Bitcoin protocol uses public-key cryptography to secure one's ownership of bitcoins and allow them to be transferred instantly and securely between any two people in the world without the need for an intermediary such as a bank. Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever. There is no financial institution, government, or company operating Bitcoin. There is no single Internet server that could be shut down in order to turn off Bitcoin. It exists as an application running on your computer that communicates with other Bitcoin users over the Internet. It is a peer-to-peer network, and this design makes it effectively indestructible as long as the Internet continues to function.

BLAMs (Blazingly Lightly Armed Mensans) International SIG icon
A non-political SIG for firearms enthusiasts.

Board Game SIG International SIG icon
The Board Game SIG is a place for Mensa members to talk about board games, and for members to meet others who love to play board games.

Burning Man International SIG icon
For all Ms interested in the annual Burning Man event. Pool our collective creative resources for our SIG and Theme Camp; enjoy our own community in Black Rock City, Nevada. Life's too short to miss the Burning Man experience.

Caregivers Forum International SIG icon
I have been a caregiver for a paralyzed wife for three years. I would like to share my caregiving experiences and learn what other Mensans have done.

Caring Cosplay International SIG icon
Do you dress up as characters from movies, TV, comics, literature or other media arts? Do you build props those characters would have? Join us in celebrating cosplay and raising money to help local charities at the same time! There are no dues for this online group.

Chess M International SIG icon
Play chess with other Mensans in an online community. Chess skills not required! Play many games at once on your PC, smartphone or tablet, in individual matches, team matches and tournaments, and participate in chess-related discussions in the forum. A live chess event at the American AG is a strong potential. To join, register a free account on, go to, click the big orange button that says "Join Group," and send a group admin a message with your real name. This SIG is open to Mensans and ex-Mensans, internationally.

ChildFree M's International SIG icon
Group for childfree adults, who are childfree by choice, not circumstance. Adoptive birthmothers, surrogate gestational carriers, abortion participants and genetic donors who are otherwise childfree are welcome. List topics are *not* restricted to Mensa and childfree issues. Whatever your reasons for being childfree, from worries about overpopulation to preferring adult company, you will find a refuge here!

Classical Music International SIG icon
Is your love for classical music Inextinguishable? Do you think the 4-H Club is the Händel, Haydn, Holst and Honegger Society? Does your car horn play Janácek's Sinfonietta? Bravo! Discuss music, composers etc. Maestro newsletter, 6 - 10 PDF editions per year: Free annual SIG dues. Coordinator David Stybr --

Clergy International SIG icon
For socializing with and encouraging fellow clergy of all faiths and maybe offering a shoulder to cry on. We won't necessarily debate theology, but will instead discuss topics unique to our calling, including those life-in-the-parsonage stories no one else would believe.

Club Med SIG International SIG icon
Vacation with fun and athletic Mensans. Meet prospective Mensans from around the world. The Club Med SIG is for physically active Mensans who like to sail, windsurf, kayak, or waterski (or who want to learn), in the company of like-minded Mensans at a tropical beach resort. This SIG is especially suited to single Mensans and to Mensans who can't wait for their spouse to take them on vacation. Membership is free. Meet athletic Mensans at the A.G. and vote for your favorite destination for 2016.

Comedy International SIG icon
A discussion group for those who appreciate intellectual comedy, and perhaps some not-so-intellectual comedy. Post and discuss poetry, songs, books, short stories, improv, stand-up routines, etc. Discuss movies, television, news, comedians, anything that you find amusing, even each other.

Con AtteMdees International SIG icon
This is an open Mensa SIG for fans of Science Fiction / Fantasy / Horror conventions. Ever need someone to split a room rate? A ride across town? A friendly face in the crowd? This group is intended to recognize and make use of overlapping interests in order to enhance the convention experience for all.

Debate Room SIG International SIG icon
Enjoyed Debate Room at an AG or RG? Want one for your own gathering or local calendar? Could you become a moderator? Join us to learn how. Not a debate room itself, we equip RG/Calendar tracks/events to foster edifying discussions on divisive topics.

Depression Support Group International SIG icon
Bright_&_Blue is a mutual support group for Mensans who are living with depression or whose lives depression touches. We discuss how depression affects our lives, and what we are doing to help ourselves.  B&B is also a place to discuss the research and theory of all related conditions.

DesignSIG International SIG icon
A web based SIG for people interested in graphic design (print design, digital art, Photoshop, etc) and web design (html, css, php, etc). Members are encouraged to show their work, share tips and tutorials, and discuss all aspects of design on the forums.

Diabetes International SIG icon
For people with diabetes, families and friends. We share diabetes news and research along with personal experiences and support. Quarterly NL $6/yr hard copy, sample issue $1. E-subscription and e-samples, free. Contact: Jessie TeWinkel,, PO Box 84106, Sioux Falls SD 57118.

Disneyland SIG International SIG icon
What can be more fun than visiting Disneyland together with your Mensa friends? Mensa members throughout Southern California visit Disneyland at least one Sunday each month. This SIG is a group for Mensans who love Disneyland, Disneyland Resorts, and anything Disney. Are you a Disney Annual Passholder and look for someone with whom to go? Maybe you are coming into the SoCal area and want to spend time with others of like mind? Join the Disneyland Mensa SIG!

eieio (Electricians/Inspectors/Engineers/Interested Others) International SIG icon
Power, lighting, and communications systems installers, designers, and inspectors, and interested others. The Flexible Conduit, our newsletter, runs member letters and articles on safety, design, codes, business, and technology, plus humor, conundra, reviews, and personal matter. We've been transnational since we began in 1983. Find information on joining at:

Electronic Music International SIG icon
From Eno to Squarepusher and from Reason to ProTools, this group is for those who listen to electronic music and those who create it. All topics are encouraged: song IDs, nostalgia, DJs, artists, video game music, music production technique and critique, collaboration, meeting up for live events, music in film, etc. Electronic only. Members only. No dues.

Espermenso International SIG icon
Email info, contacts, and discussion in or about Esperanto, the easy-to-learn worldwide language of peace, friendship, and hope, with millions of speakers and thousands of clubs in over a hundred countries all over the world. Unlike national languages, Esperanto is politically neutral, has relatively few rules of grammar, and no exceptions. Released in 1887 as a result of deliberate planning, it's developed a living culture, like other natural languages, and a thriving literature, both original and translated from many sources. -- Contact , (Richard Ekstrom). Put ESM: at the beginning of the subject line.

Eugenics International SIG icon
Studies ways to use knowledge of human genetics and population in a democratic society. Using hypothetical populations to practice solving problems. U.S. dues $6. LSASE for info.

Evangelical Christianity International SIG icon
In the Evangelical Christianity SIG, Evangelical Christian theology and the implications of Evangelical Christianity on culture, science, and all areas of life and knowledge are discussed. Most member interactions are through the SIG Facebook.

Exceptionally Gifted SIG International SIG icon
The purposes of EPGS are several: 1. To provide a "meeting place" for members to share and explore experiences, ideas and concerns that are considered as somewhat unique to the Exceptionally & Profoundly Gifted; 2. To find ways to support programs and research for Exceptionally & Profoundly Gifted children and youth; 3. To develop plans and activities that are supportive of intelligence research for the Exceptionally and Profoundly Gifted.

Free Staters SIG International SIG icon
This is a Mensans and friends of Mensans online special interest group (SIG) created to discuss volunteerism, activities, and other issues pertinent to the Free State Project ( If you are interested in learning about or participating in the Free State Project, please join us!

Freed-M: Intelligent Liberty International SIG icon
Mensans tend to be a refreshingly and disproportionately independent, free-thinking, (lower-case) libertarian-leaning bunch. This group is intended as a relatively nonpartisan forum for the intelligent, reasoned discussion of liberty-related issues, and how to pursue an environment of philosophically honest and consistent, practical limited (or better!) government, individual liberty and personal responsibility.

Friends of Bill W. International SIG icon
This group was set up for members of American Mensa to discuss topics related to alcoholism, addiction, and recovery.

Gardening International SIG icon
Log on to let other gardeners know how your garden grows, view photos of gardens and ask questions! All levels of gardeners are welcome.

Gay/Lesbian SIG International SIG icon
The Gay and Lesbian SIG provides a comfortable meeting space for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender members. All Mensans are welcome. Founded in 1976, the SIG currently has more than 300 members, maintains several local groups, and is always a strong presence at the Annual Gatherings. Contact us for information about membership, dues, online group, and AG activities and hospitality.

Gen Y International SIG icon
If you were born between '76 and '95 and are a member of Mensa, you're a member of GenY. Congratulations! We offer a landing pad for new members to adjust to the M-environment among peers, a launching pad to explore the rest of Mensa, and a safe place in case things get a little too crazy.

Gen-M BoomPlus SIG International SIG icon
Gen-M Boom Plus SIG Open to Mensans worldwide born in 1964 or earlier, Baby Boomers and older. We were one of the most dynamic generations ever, we brought about enormous change. We're still a vibrant force, both in Mensa and in the world. Come join us to share both memories and current day experiences.

Genealogy (GeneSIG) International SIG icon
Open to Mensans worldwide - membership number required - anyone who is interested in tracing his/her ancestral roots. I ran GeneSIG (1988-1991). I now have a Yahoo! Group. If you were a member then, or are interested in joining as a newcomer, it will be good to welcome you into our growing SIG.

GenX M's International SIG icon
For Gen Xers who watched as video killed the radio star, and all we could do is stand by and mutter "I want my MTV!" In hopes of finding that we have more in common than just our 2%, we welcome all Mensans born from January 1961 through December 1981. This is a group of GenX Ms, by GenX Ms, and for GenX Ms. Yahoo group page: Website: Facebook group: Request access through the website or the

Geocaching Ms International SIG icon
Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called "geocaches" or "caches", anywhere in the world. Meet Mensa members all over the world who like to Geocache. Discuss clever finds, solve puzzle caches, arrange Geocaching trips from gatherings and events, and much more!

Global Risk Reduction International SIG icon
We advocate steering humanity towards reduction of existential risks, i.e. risks to the existence of civilization and our species, and towards increases in the probability of amazingly good outcomes, i.e. positive singularities. Where to steer and how to be effective are part of the problem, and partly solvable. .

Grammar Police International SIG icon
Observe and preserve American English usage--past, present, and future! Compare to other forms of English as well as to other languages. Bring dictionaries and style books, although they won't have the final word. No dues, no NL.

HackerNest-M: Tech Nerds Unite! International SIG icon
HackerNest is a nonprofit organization and movement that builds local tech communities around the world. We believe they are the cornerstones of economic development: we want more people to get into tech so they can afford to live healthier and happier. Our down-to-earth Tech Socials and epic, socially beneficial hackathons encourage camaraderie, collaboration, innovation, mentorship, knowledge-sharing, and so much more. We are also developing HackerNest Unite, a unified directory platform and community portal that'll help people navigate an ecosystem's vast resources. We aspire to have agenda-free, laid-back Tech Socials at major Mensa annual and regional gatherings internationally. You'll find friends, co-founders, funders, developers, entrepreneurs, all looking to talk tech.

Haiku International SIG icon
Year turning earthrock, Experience brushing stone. Haiku poet's mark. Members enjoy writing and reading brief, personal poems about the world around us. Educational features are also included. NL Pebbles (6/yr), $9 North America, $15 elsewhere. Sample $.50 plus 1st-class postage (1 oz).

HELL's M's International SIG icon
The party SIG has a simple credo: A HELL's M's party is any party, large or small, where everyone participating in or affected by the party has good memories the day after. The SIG has a Yahoo! group, a Facebook page, a website, a newsletter, and a presence at many RGs. We're the party people! $23 for membership and a t-shirt (to XL) $8 renewals. For info $1 and LSASE (two stamps).

Hi-Q Whovians America
This SIG is for American M's who are fans ("Whovians") of the long running British Sci-Fi television show, Doctor Who. Join us for vibrant discussion about the Doctor, his companions, and their 50+ years of adventures.

Holmesian Studies International SIG icon
We revived the defunct Sherlock Holmes SIG in '88 after the centennial and by '95 were recognized as a scion of the Baker Street Irregulars. By '11 we became all-electronic. Our newsletter, The Norbury Chronicle, takes its name from the story "The Yellow Face" which concludes with Holmes saying to Dr. Watson, "If I should ever strike you that I am getting a little overconfident in my powers, or giving less pains to a case than it deserves, kindly whisper 'Norbury' in my ear, and I shall be infinitely obliged to you." This is where our scionyms (pseudonyms used in the scion) come from, such as, the founder's "Friend at Norbury" or the long-time members "Frank Open" and "Faithful Woman".

Homeschooling Mensans International SIG icon
This SIG is open to Mensans who homeschool their own gifted children, or anyone interested in homeschooling gifted children. This list is the discussion group. We advocate no particular method, and promote no religious viewpoint. All are welcome.

HorseSIG International SIG icon
An online, Facebook-based group focused on bringing together equestrian enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you breed, train, show, ride, or just love horses, you'll find friends at HorseSIG. You don't have to have a horse to join; everyone welcome.

Human Biodiversity International SIG icon
Human Biodiversity is united by the knowledge that human genetic variations are far more important for human society than is commonly accepted, and we welcome all members willing to civilly discuss such topics, topics including human genetic engineering, transhumanism, eugenics, dysgenics, heritability of psychological variants, psychological sex differences, human biodiversity (HBD), biological human races, and sociopolitical positions related to such topics, both Left and Right. The SIG is open to Mensans, ex-Mensans, members/ex-members of other credible high-IQ societies, and those who have attended graduate school. Otherwise, diversity of every sort is accepted.

IQ (Intelligent Quilters) International SIG icon
A quilt guild for M's. All skill levels welcome. Six NLs per year include new techniques, challenges, book reviews and more. This is a place for members to share projects and learn what others are working on. $8/yr, 2 yrs $16 if you receive a paper copy, $4/yr or 2 yrs $8 if you receive an emailed newsletter.

Isolated M International SIG icon
Isolated M is 43 years old! Its newsletter (fondly referred to as the Little Green Rag) provides a communications link among nearly 1000 Mensans scattered around the world – currently 78 countries from A to V (Andorra to Vietnam). Discover how Mensans cope in remote areas, share your travel adventures, ferret out the feghoots, bid on a totally unnecessary item for your home or wardrobe, enjoy wacky illustrations and sophomoric humor. Ten issues a year. Electronic: free. Print: $11 US, $17 foreign, $2 sample. Contact or Isolated M, POB 52442, Sarasota, FL 34232 USA.

Karaoke-Ms International SIG icon
A group for all things karaoke but just for M's! This is a LOW volume group! You will not be inundated with emails or traffic. Since we are so spread out it's really for sharing your experiences!

KnitSIG International SIG icon
An online SIG to connect Mensa knitters, crocheters, and other yarn/fiber lovers. This is a place to share pictures, patterns, tips, to ask questions or just chat.

L'ChaiM! International SIG icon
L'ChaiM is the SIG for Jewish Mensans who want to communicate with other Jewish Mensans. No dues and no newsletter; all communications will be through the Yahoo! Group or by meetings at gatherings (primarily the AG).

LinkedIn M's
For US Mensans that utilize LinkedIn, the business networking site. A great opportunity for business networking among fellow US Mensan's. Join the largest US Mensa SIG, now with over 3370 members and counting!

Lock-&-Ring 'M International SIG icon
Smart people sing Barbershop. SIG membership is open to current/active members of Sweet Adelines Intl, Barbershop Harmony Society, Harmony, Inc., other Barbershop organizations, and those who sing or want to sing Barbershop. We plan to meet up at AGs and RGs and maybe sing a tag or two. Perhaps, as we grow, we could form a small mixed BBS chorus. If the interest is there, we could all learn the same music and perhaps, one day in the future, sing for the others at Gatherings, or teach tags to other interested people.

London International SIG icon
Email lists about London and Mensa events in and around London.

M for Mental Health International SIG icon
M for Mental Health is open solely to members of Mensa. This group is designed to be an area for support for those with mental health considerations as well as a place for discussion with regard to the promotion of mental health issues and provision.

M Parents of Babies (M-PoB) International SIG icon
This group is for Mensa mommies and daddies of babies (defined as younger than 24 months). This group is intended to be a place where you can trade stories, get or give advice, or just commiserate with other M parents. This group is currently Facebook-only.

M'uscle - Weight Training SIG International SIG icon
Group that shares information on weight training, strength training, bodybuilding, and nutrition. Electronic newsletter: $5 (4/yr). Sample free.

M-Altarstone International SIG icon
This SIG is for practicing Roman Catholic Mensans who are joyfully in union with the Magisterium and who wish to share their gifts at the altar stone (also called "mensa") to help each other to grow in holiness. Bring discussion of everything from Apologetics to the Vulgate--or just the everyday things of your journey towards Eternal Life. Those who are registered in an RCIA program are also welcome to become members. Over time our outreach is developing to include prominent speakers on issues of interest to all in Mensa.

M-Asians International SIG icon
An international web-based SIG aiming to foster communication among Mensa members of Asian origin. The goal is to exchange ideas on any topic (Sciences, Humanities, etc), in a friendly manner.

M-Atheists International SIG icon
This e-SIG is for members of Mensa who freely admit to being atheists and wish to share their ideas and experiences with other Mensan atheists. Which happened first - you knew you were smart, or you knew you didn't believe in godstuff? How do you deal with friends and family who are believers? Do they all know you don't believe? Do you feel better nowadays about admitting you're an atheist? Please share what you know.

M-Chef International SIG icon
Whether your specialty is crème brulee or boiling water, join other Mensans in discussion of one of our favorite topics -- food and drink! Share recipes, learn new techniques, recommend favorite restaurants, and learn about nutrition. Get tips on making delicious dishes for yourself, family, or a roomful of guests. No dues.

M-Coffeehouse International SIG icon
A cozy, positive, on-line gathering place for lovers of good coffee, good conversation, good friends, or any combination of the above.

M-Health Care International SIG icon
An international e-SIG aiming to foster communication among Mensa members who are health care professionals or providers. Membership is open to Mensa members of any origin willing to exchange ideas on any topic related to health care, in a friendly way.

M-Investment Club International SIG icon
Founded September 13, 1965, the M-Investment Club is Mensa's oldest surviving special interest group. Its purpose is to discuss and educate in all matters of investing.

M-LDS International SIG icon
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believes we should fully use talents and abilities we are given (see D&C 93:36). Willing to share experiences of being LDS and Mensan? Want to introduce Mensa friends to the church - or church friends to Mensa? Discussion welcome, bashing prohibited. Contact

M-Readers International SIG icon
A group for those who enjoy reading books - fiction, non-fiction, romance, action, fantasy, sci-fi, whatever! This group is designed to be international - so all members of Mensa are welcome.

M-Riders International SIG icon
People who ride or who are interested in motorcycles and motorcycling. Discussions of motorcycle travel, riding tips, equipment, safety courses, motorcyclist rights, legislation and motorcycling in different countries. Off-road bikes, sidecars and trikes welcome. Email discussion list, forum, web site, and online photo album.

M-SciFi International SIG icon
The Science Fiction group for members of Mensa and their friends Discussions and news about Sci-Fi books, films and TV series are the main topics covered here in our Yahoo Group. They can be about remembering old stories or telling us about the new ones. Where can we get copies of the books or movies that we want? New members of the group are asked to confirm that they are, or have been, members of Mensa. Please also mention which National Mensa you belong(ed) to. Members of the group can invite their friends to join us even if they are not members of Mensa. To find out how far we are spreading please also let us know where you are located - your town, county or state, country and planet.

M-Show Business International SIG icon
M Show Business is a SIG designed to bring together in one group the most "intelligent" members of the Film and Television Production communities. Through a Yahoo group, members can seek and offer advice or guidance with regard to employment and career issues, as well as share experiences that will benefit other members. If you are in the business, whether in front of the camera, behind the camera, executive, above the line, below the line, established or breaking in, the purpose of this group is to unite the "top 2%" of us for the benefit of all. Discretion assured.

M-Simplicity International SIG icon
An online discussion group for individuals interested in improving their quality of life while healing and preserving the planet for future generations. Find alternatives to consumerism, ways to reduce your dependence on mainstream economics, happiness with fewer purchases, and other ways to live lightly on the earth. No dues.

M-Spanish International SIG icon
M-Spanish is an international SIG for members of Mensa. The goal is to exchange ideas on any topic, in a friendly manner, by using the Spanish language.

M-SportsFans International SIG icon
M-SportsFans provides a forum for discussion about all things related to major amateur/collegiate/professional sports, including statistical trends and analytics advances, innovative ways to improve the fairness and excitement of the sports we love, sophisticated (or unsophisticated) water-cooler talk about recent/upcoming games and current events in sports, and offers the opportunity to participate in fantasy leagues and prediction pools. If you are interested in joining, please email the Coordinator at

M-Success International SIG icon
Success takes a lot more than high IQ. Discuss goals, dreams, methods, tips, and more. Define success any way you wish: career, financial, physical, writing, personal, family, love, or just general quality of life. Learn how to develop the skills that, coupled with your intelligence, will make your dreams come true!

MAd Exchange Forum International SIG icon
A forum for Mensans belonging to (or interested in) digital ad technology, specifically in the realm of digital ad exchanges. This forum seeks to bring together questions, ideas, and experiences regarding the subject, and allow for the potential progression of the digital programmatic exchange ecosystem as we know it.

Make the connection International SIG icon
Make the Connection invites those not in committed full time relationships to post profiles, photos, and personal news. Discussion via email encompasses diverse circumstances, focusing especially on life as a single person. Whether looking, grieving, or satisfied to be solitary, we have in common the necessity of managing life alone.

Many Conspiracies International SIG icon
Many Conspiracies SIG (MC-SIG) offers a deeper look into conspiracy theories, to elicit the facts. The Many Conspiraces SIG Newsletter is electronically published four times a year. There are no dues. We offer a Facebook page; Many Conspiracies Special Interest Group.

Martial Arts International SIG icon
The Martial Arts SIG provides a forum for the intelligent discussion of martial arts and provides networking opportunities for Mensans interested in martial arts. Practitioners, competitors, and enthusiasts of all styles are welcome. Please be prepared to provide your name, Mensa number, state of residence [or country of residence if not the U.S.A.], and name the martial art or martial arts that interest/s you.

Metacognition International SIG icon
Everything we experience or do is filtered through our minds; our understanding of and relationship with all reality is a reflection of the way we think. Acknowledging this, we will network to explore our thinking in order to improve our awareness of its impact on our lives.

Military History International SIG icon
Want to get a better understanding of military history and affairs? Thi sis the SIG for you! Quarterly NL $10 per year, sample printed issues $6.25.

Mmm-Obama International SIG icon
"We do not fear our future, we shape it." President Obama will be exercising his executive power in this final year of his presidency. He will continue to accomplish more great things for the American people and for the rest of the world. Great things will be happening. Join fellow Obama supporters to share your ideas and projections for the future.

MoneyMasters International SIG icon
A SIG for those who would like to explore ways to create tangible returns for the membership. Not limited to but focusing on financial gains that can be used to benefit the membership at large. Everything from banking and credit unions to investing and business opportunities. No idea is too small!!

Motorama International SIG icon
Motorama The World's Smartest Car Club: American cars, up to the 1970's regulatory era, were the world's foremost expression of personal freedom and style. Please subscribe to our FREE monthly e-magazine. (I) Contact Coordinator

Multisport Ms International SIG icon
Whether you are a seasoned Multisport athlete or simply thinking about taking the plunge into one of the fastest growing sports in the world, join this SIG and share training tips, nutrition information, equipment, fitness goals, races and more. This SIG is for all levels - from the Ultra Ironman to the beginner wondering whether to sign up for that neighborhood super sprint triathlon. All multiport athletes are welcome too - triathlons, duathlons, aquabikes, and aquathlons.

Mystery Book Swap
NL (4/yr), send $1.00 and SASE for sample NL and info. Each member sends and receives two paperback mystery books each month.

Naturist International SIG icon
Most of us have been taught that we 'need' clothing at all times, not just for protection from the elements. The goals of the SIG are to exchange information about modern Naturism and our personal experiences, to encourage and facilitate members to meet privately or at public naturist facilities, and to foster mature attitudes towards our bodies and body self-acceptance.

Needles and Threads International SIG icon
Needles and Threads is a group for all who have interests in needle crafts. We encourage members to participate in discussions on techniques, supplies, works in progress and completed projects. If you are just starting out or have been crafting for years, this is the place for you.

NTN Trivia International SIG icon
Free Yahoo group. NTN = National Trivia Network, the TV trivia with the little wireless consoles seen in bars. Besides discussing recent games (and CQ), we meet up when traveling. Our biggest "SIG meeting" is to play Showdown on the Tu evening before the US AG each year.

Old-Time Detection International SIG icon
Charlie Chan, Jane Marple, Hercule Poirot, Ellery Queen, Peter Wimsey, Nero Wolfe -- those are just some of the stars from the Golden Age of detective fiction. This SIG celebrates such detectives and their methods, explores the history of the genre, and studies individual stories, characters, and authors. 32-page NL _Give Me That Old-Time Detection_ (3 issues/yr) $10 Mensans, $15 others. (If overseas, add $15 per year.) Sample $5

Pagan Occult Witchcraft (POW) International SIG icon
The Pagan Occult Witchcraft SIG is open to all Ms who are already involved with or merely curious about matters esoteric.

Parapsychology International SIG icon
Founded in 1982 to offer a "safe haven" for discussion of all things having to do with psychic senses and the paranormal, our goal is to share in the investigation and use of our "sixth sense" and to understand, develop and refine our psychic potential. Now in our 34th year with approximately 500 members worldwide, we offer a periodic retreat as well as our e-mail/web site forum. To join, e-mail Coordinator with your NAME AND MENSA NUMBER to SUBJECT: PARAPSYCHOLOGY SIG. Membership is FREE.

Patrick O'Brian SIG International SIG icon
Discussion of the writings of Patrick O'Brian, author of "The Best Historical Fiction Ever Written" per N.Y. Times Review of Books. Email

Philately SIG International SIG icon
Our mission is to promote the joy of stamp collecting and other philatelic arts, such as creating commemorative pictorial cancellations as souvenirs of Mensa AGs, and coordinating with the US Postal Service to frank letters and postcards with the Mensa cancellations during AGs.

Postcard Pals International SIG icon
Are you interested in meeting Mensans throughout the world? If so, the Postcard Pals SIG is for you. Most contact is by postcard through a pen pal type relationship but we also have informal gathering around the world, meet other members if they are traveling through our neck of the woods and have a Facebook Group to keep each other up to date with last minute updates.

Preparation M - The Preparedness SIG International SIG icon
Mensans & Friends using their intelligence to prepare for the possibilities of both short term and long term man-made and natural disasters (TEOTWAWKI) while maintaining their sanity and solvency. "Our primary focus is rediscovering the lost art of self reliance."

Problem Solvers International SIG icon
A "think tank", so that we can put our Mensa heads together to try to find solutions to the world's problems, and then do humanitarian outreach to implement them. Choose your topic, your state, your country, or your continent, or be a generalist. We can do it!!!

Reel Thinkers International SIG icon
For those love any kind of film - classics, current, adventure, romance, science fiction, documentary, music video, silent film, comedy, foreign, independent, musical. If it's on film, we'll discuss it!

RG SIG International SIG icon
RG SIG purpose is to discuss ideas related to the running of Mensa gatherings below the level of Ags. A secondary purpose will be the development of a modern multi-tenant platform (APIs, web, Facebook, and mobile clients) for RG management (content management, registration, reports, pay-flows, badge generation, etc.)

Role-Playing Games International SIG icon
RPGSIG exists to provide a forum for discussion of role-playing games of all genres. We primarily focus on tabletop games played face-to-face or via post, but we also welcome Live Action Role-Play (LARP), and computer RPGs.

RV and Camping International SIG icon
A comprehensive online community for RVers, tent campers, and other enthusiasts of outdoor recreational excursions, with messages posted about all aspects of the lifestyle.

Scrabble® By Mail International SIG icon
For Scrabble(R) players of all abilities. Occasional newsletters. The SIG uses donation-only for expenses. Games for SIG members only.

Scuba International SIG icon
For SCUBA divers and snorkelers. Occasional SIG gathering in Caribbean: Cozumel in December 2016. To subscribe to announcement and/or discussion email list, see

Second Amendment International SIG icon
The Second Amendment SIG a Special Interest Group (SIG) of American Mensa, Ltd. (See The SIG's purpose is to discuss issues related to the original Right to Keep and Bear Arms as protected by the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed. " SIG membership and monthly newsletter by e-mail arefree for the asking. Membership by postal mail is $7.00 domestic/$10.00 foreign per year, payable to the SIG coordinator, to cover the cost of postage and printing of the newsletter.

ShutterSIG International SIG icon
A web based SIG for professionals, amateurs, or those just interested in photography. Members are encouraged to share their work and discuss all aspects of photography on the forums.

siMpsons (R) International SIG icon
A forum for fans of the lovable yellow family from Springfield, ....... U.S.A. Topics: Homer-isms, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Ned, Moe, episodes, The Movie, and whoever and whatever else that is Simpsons(R) related. The Simpsons is the longest running TV sitcom in prime time and the longest-running animated series. Ever.

Ski International SIG icon
No dues. No NL. Just snow skiing. Annual Ski SIG Gathering in Rockies or Sierras in February/March (Telluride in 2016). To subscribe to announcement and/or discussion email list, see

SmartUp SIG International SIG icon
An online, forum-based group for Mensa members who are currently involved with or planning a startup business. Focus is on web-based or app-based businesses, but much of the discussions are applicable for startups of all types. Ask or answer questions related to either common or uncommon startup issues, such as marketing, employees, financing, technology and more. Help foster and build a network of intelligent entrepreneurs.

Space Exploration & Education International SIG icon
For those interested in Space Exploration & advocacy. Share info, plan trips, attend Space Conventions and Sally Ride Festivals, hold Yuri's night parties, etc... and get involved in other events in your own area. Possible outreach tables at various Conventions. Future Newsletter a possibility. Friends of Mensans & Mensa Gifted Children also welcome. Membership, free. Welcome aboard.

Space Vanguard International SIG icon
This SIG is for smart, adventurous, libertarian people who want to contribute new ideas and technologies so that we can build sustainable villages here to enjoy happier and easier lives and to eventually pioneer profitable colonies on new planets. Free membership to all sentient beings at:

Starving the Monkeys SIG International SIG icon
This is a private Mensans and friends of Mensans special interest group, spawned by reaction to Tom Baugh's book, "Starving the Monkeys", for people interested in meeting to brainstorm from the book concepts to implement their own practical projects, and then report here on their progress. This group is NOT for debaters - it is a group practicum for self-sufficiency projects. Please join with the understanding you will come to meetings to work your ideas, and forum discussion will focus on related, practical topics. Debating the principles of liberty or Libertarianism is covered by other forums. This is not a place for "Monkeys". However, monkeys working toward being "men" are very welcome. We're aware that process can take years. The book is required reading for meetings and forum participation. Please email the SIG owner for one of the limited copies if you can't find a library copy and don't wish to buy one.

Tech Careers SIG International SIG icon
This SIG is for anyone who is in a technical/information systems career or anyone who is interested in pursuing such a career. Discussions between Mensa members on education, certification, resumes, salaries, trends and more.

TeenSIG International SIG icon
TeenSIG is a by teens, for teens group for Mensans ages 13 - 18; we have fun and make friends in an intellectual environment. TeenSIG lets this generation of Mensans bond and meet other teens of their mental caliber. No dues.

The M Cycling Club International SIG icon
A SIG for all Mensa cyclists. Whether you are a hardened century rider or a weekend warrior, a triathlete in training or a downhill daredevil please join us for discussions about equipment, events, nutrition and more.

The M Running Club International SIG icon
The M Running Club is a Facebook only group and has three goals. To provide a place for Mensans to share running experiences. Provide a meeting place to race plans. (Times, Dates, Cities, Destination Races, etc.) And above all, encourage each other to stay active.

Tolkien International SIG icon
For all lovers of Middle-earth! Newsletter "Beyond Bree": in paper format $17 per year (12 issues), $22 foreign; electronic format $10 per year. To pay by PayPal: send payment to Add 50 cents (foreign $1.00) for the PayPal fee. To pay by mail: make check or money order (in US $ drawn on a US bank) payable to Nancy Martsch, PO Box 55372, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413, USA.

TREKisM International SIG icon
TREKisM, the Star Trek SIG for Mensa, is back! Originally begun in April 1977, TREKisM became inactive in 1991, and despite the best of intentions has remained in limbo far too long. But now the original coordinator is back at the helm, Star Trek is still as popular as ever (a 12th film is in the works), and on September 8th fans celebrate the 47th anniversary of the series' premiere. Our first step is to finish newsletter #69, a quarterly digest-size 32-page issue. The anthologies will continue with TREKisM at Length X and XI. The mailing list is being updated, but we've already located 45 subscribers. Eventually we will be online, but for now we'll be using snail mail. No SASE or $ necessary for now, but stamp donations are appreciated. Please have patience as we build a staff so that more hands will make more progress. Contact Vel Jaeger at 1324 Stratford Drive, Clearwater, FL 33756

underACHIEVERS International SIG icon
Are you working in a convenience store despite having multiple degrees? Have you an IQ in the ionosphere but no high school diploma? We are a discussion and support group for under- and other-achievers. You will find a sympathetic ear here.

VenoM International SIG icon
Venomous reptiles are a misunderstood and under-rated (and in some cases over-rated) feature of nature. We would like to share the importance of the ecological, historical, and spiritual influence these animals have. Captive care is an important contribution to this objective.

Volunteer Program International SIG icon
MVP - M's Volunteer Program. A politically neutral group for Mensans to share their ideas, experience and information about volunteering. A place to leverage our collective minds and contacts to assist those in need, be it in your community, state or anywhere in the nation.

Warcraft Mpire International SIG icon
For Mensans who play World of Warcraft and their families. We consist of a WoW Guild on the Drak Thar'on server (Warcraft Mpire) and will build a SIG/Guild website in the future. Onward to Azeroth!

WebHEADS International SIG icon
Involved in creating websites? Interested in sharing your ideas? Want to get your local group, SIG, or RG on the Web? WebHeads is for you!

Windward Community International SIG icon
Interested in renewable energy, sustainability and cooperative living? Yearn for a life that's more grounded, more in touch with nature? Want to live where the future and the past intertwine, and enjoy the best of both? Ever want the RG to never end? Imagine the possibilities inherent in a full-time community of Ms, and then come join in the fun :-)

Writers International SIG icon
NL Calliope--A Writer's Workshop by Mail. Quarterly, 44 pages. All levels of experience and types of writing welcome. Learn about writing and publish your work--all in one publication. Help, inspiration, and mutual support from fellow writers. Market news, genre columns, member letter exchange, free critiques. Membership $22/yr., $40/2 yr. Add $5 outside the US. Sample $5. (US funds only, payable to Writers SIG). Guidelines for SASE.

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