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Finding new activities for local groups of Young Mensans is often challenging for Gifted Youth Coordinators.  Sponsored by the Mensa Foundation, we provide a selection of lesson and activity plans that our GYCs can utilize at the local level. These plans can be scaled up or down depending on number of attendees, desired level of complexity, etc.


Gifted Children Coordinator Resources

January 13, 2011
Background Authorization Check (Gifted Youth)
Background Check Authorization (Parent Volunteers)
Gifted Youth Program Handbook

Mensa is not an adults-only organization. Highly intelligent children need friendship and support, and yet meeting intellectual peers is more challenging for children due to limited contacts and mobility. This is where the Gifted Youth Program comes in. This handbook is intended as a reference for Local Groups and others in their Mensa activities and interactions involving minors – whether members or guests.

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GYC: Gifted Youth Photo Release
January 18, 2011
GYC: Gifted Youth Program Mini-Grant Application
January 18, 2011
GYC: Gifted Youth Program Mini-Grant Report Form
July 23, 2013
GYC: Mensa Honor Society Application

The Mensa® Honor Society is open to Young Mensan students between the ages of 10 and 18 who meet the membership qualifications of American Mensa and the society.  Current Young Mensa members should complete this application.

September 23, 2008
GYC: Permission Form for Minors
September 23, 2008
GYC: Safety Essentials Handout