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Back in America
Just published two works of literary fiction for the Kindle
I just published!
I just published! novel 'Quagmire in Queens' on Amazon [Kindle].
Poet and artist for the fun of it
Retirement from clinical psychology in 1993 began the best years of my life.
Iris Bernikow - RIP
Iris Bernikow, a life member since 1981 and until May 2012 Communications Officer for Southern Nevada Mensa, passed away in early June after driving herself to a nearby hospital emergency room.
Life Member Tom Fineberg Dies at 89
Life Member Tom Fineberg Dies at 89

I have received some regrettable news from Majorie (Fineberg) Winther that Tom Fineberg died peacefully amongst family and friends on Sunday night, May 27th.

Why I Joined Mensa
Why I Joined Mensa

I would not be where I'm (professionally and personally) at today, were it not for the catalytic effect of joining Mensa, now approaching 3 decades ago.