Play the Bracket Challenge

Welcome to the final round of the 2014 Mensa Bracket Challenge. This year, we're turning the amps up to 11 while these 64 works of album art duke it out until only one remains.

The bracket is constructed like the NCAA basketball tournament’s — at least before they junked it up with all those play-in games — with four regions (Minimalized, Lens Flair, Artist's Rendering and Textual), each seeded 1 through 16. The entries are paired with one another and based on your voting will either be eliminated or proceed to the next round until we have a winner.

If you believe in an infinite multiverse, then somewhere, sometime, everyone gets their own perfect collection of album covers. In this particular dimension’s version, however, we’re liable to have some disagreements. Glaring omissions, inexplicable inclusions, poor classifications — there will be no shortage of legitimate objections. Let us know what’s missing and what doesn’t belong by emailing us.

Round 6
  • abbey_road.jpg

    Abbey Road, The Beatles, 1969

    Seed: 1

    Like the very best of the Beatles’ work, Abbey Road’s cover borrows from both John’s and Paul’s creativity. Paul envisioned the image and sketched multiple angles of the shoot. John provided the photographer, a friend of his and Yoko’s. Iain Macmillan shot the iconic image with a Hasselblad camera with a 50 mm wide-angle lens, aperture f22, at 1/500 seconds.


    Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Beatles, 1967

    Seed: 1

    Sure, that’s a photograph on the cover, but the collection of cardboard cutouts accompanying the band – each of them people the Fab Four admired – make this practically a temporary installation piece. The concept was Paul’s idea. Some of John’s cover character choices were nixed, including Jesus, Hilter and Gandhi. George chose Indian gurus. And Ringo, true to form, was content with whomever everyone else selected.

All images are copyrighted to their respective artists and labels.