Gifted youth program awards

Gifted youth

First awarded in 2008, the Gifted Youth Program Award is given for superior service as a Gifted Youth Coordinator and contributing to the growth of programs or services for gifted youth and/or Young Mensans. Examples of this include creating outstanding publications or writing outstanding articles related to gifted children; hosting a contest or workshop for Young Mensans, gifted youth or their parents; and establishing a program, service or scholarship for Young Mensans. Anyone positively affected by the work of a Gifted Youth Coordinator may submit a nomination.

Nominations for this award are accepted each January through April. Contact the National Gifted Youth Coordinator for more information.

Gifted Youth Program Award recipients

Eric Szczerbinski 2014
Donna Campbell, Kathe Oliver 2012
Bill Rock 2011
David Bonner 2010
Elena Vega 2009
Teresa Manzella, Madeline Walker 2008