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It seems that everyone is looking for ways to be more frugal this holiday season; have you considered what consolidating the purchase of your insurance through GEICO could mean?

  • GEICO can save you money on insurance for your cars, motorcycles, RVs, ATVs and other vehicles; your business; your home, mobile home, condo, flood or renters' coverage; identity theft protection; and even your life. Need still more coverage? Look into their umbrella insurance.
  • GEICO also knows that your time is money. Call them at 866-858-4959 for a quick conversation and a rate quote, or conduct your business online whenever is convenient for you.
  • Then, should you ever need to make a claim, GEICO offers complete 24-hour sales, policy and claims service.

In addition to GEICO's already low rates, American Mensa members may also qualify for a discount, which is available in most states. For a free rate quote, call GEICO today at 800-368-2734, or visit them online!

American Mensans have been vocal in their appreciation of their GEICO discounts. Here's what just a few of them had to say:

"When I joined Mensa, I switched to GEICO for the discount. My car insurance went from $160 a month for two cars to $53 a month for the same two cars. I used this savings to convince Karen to let me get the Mensa life membership, saying that we've saved enough over the first year to pay for the membership and then some." — James Franzen, San Antonio, Texas

"I already saved the cost of my Mensa membership by switching to GEICO after a very brief phone call, so it doesn't really cost me anything to be a member of Mensa." — Amos Peverill, Lynchburg, Va.

"A member called me because he was excited about the GEICO discount. He was a current GEICO customer and called to get the Mensa discount when he read about it online. His annual premium was reduced $120. He called just to say thank you!" — Joanna Soper, former American Mensa Membership Officer