Insights into Gifted Youth

July 17, 2017
Creating Creative Children

Despite what you may have heard, creativity can be learned, and our children need to be taught how to do it now more than ever.

By Lisa Van Gemert
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Back to Basics

Why many leading experts now say the smart ways to nourish your child's brain are free, easy, and already found in a nurturing environment.

Language Lessons
Language Lessons

As the need lessens for English speakers to acquire a second language to be able to communicate when traveling or conducting business, the research on the advantages to multilingualism is deepening, broadening and gaining traction.

Making Friends
Friendship 101

Making friends can be difficult for anyone, but gifted youth and adults have unique hurdles. Find out how to navigate the maze.

Succeeding in school

Steve Broe's son is bright, above average in many ways — but you'd never know it from his grades. Here are one parent's tips for helping your gifted student succeed in school.

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Is my child bright?

Whether or not a child is gifted is a concern to many parents, judging by the letters received by Mensa's Gifted Youth Coordinators. When the parents of students in a gifted center were surveyed, certain trends emerged.

By Roxanne Cramer
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Gifted characteristics

This summary of the characteristics of gifted youth is based on the research of Dr. J. Renzulli and reprinted with permission of the National Association for Gifted Children.

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