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  • Oct 13, 2014

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Arlington, Texas (10/13/14) — For the past five years, American Mensa has created the ultimate face-off in its bracket challenge. Just like NCAA basketball tournaments, the Mensa Bracket Challenge starts with four regions, each seeded 1 through 16 with the lower numbers more highly regarded. Past subjects included toys, heroes and inventions.

This year’s challenge focuses on album cover art. Decade, genre and musical talent were all tossed aside when the sixty-four albums were chosen for the Mensa Bracket Challenge 2014. The four categories selected are Minimalized (covers that embrace the “less is more” approach such as Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic”); Lens Flair (deft camera work that celebrates images, such as “Strange Days” by The Doors); Artist Rendering (painted, drawn, assembled or cobbled by an artist’s hand such as “Kiln House” by Fleetwood Mac); and Textual (when words are worth a thousand pictures, such as “Hail to the Thief” by Radiohead). The winner will be announced in the January 2015 issue of the Mensa Bulletin magazine and at

Voting is open to the public and begins on Oct. 13. New matchups will be launched weekly through Nov.17.

In the first round, the top seed from a given category will face off against the 16th seed from the same category; the second seed will challenge the 15th seed and so on. Visit to cast your vote and see updates of all the action.

American Mensa is an organization open to anyone who scores in the top two percent on an accepted, standardized intelligence test. Mensa has more than 56,000 members in the United States and more than 110,000 members globally. For more information about Mensa, visit or call (800) 66-MENSA.

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