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Arlington, Texas (7/22/14) – The Mensa Education & Research Foundation selected Fred Katz of Hauppauge, N.Y., as this year’s recipient of the Copper Black Award for Creative Achievement. He was presented the honor at the 2014 American Mensa Annual Gathering in Boston. Katz, a member of the Greater New York chapter of American Mensa, received the award for his achievement in home security. He addressed the problem of a motion sensor’sinability to discriminate between a home intruder and a wandering pet. “Mr. Katz saw beyond what we see as an inconvenience and recognized the impact the ability to differentiate between a real threat and an innocuous movement has on surveillance technology,” said Dave Remine, President of the Mensa Foundation. “The Mensa Foundation strives to recognize individuals, like Mr. Katz, for using their creative genius to help make a difference in our community.”

The Copper Black Award for Creativity recognizes a Mensa member who has produced an innovative, practical idea and, successfully implemented it. Copper Black was a Mensa member, who valued creativity and left legacy funding for this award to recognize an outstanding creative achievement by a member of American Mensa, Ltd. To find out more about the Mensa Foundation Awards, visit