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  • Sep 30, 2011
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ARLINGTON, TEXAS – Show us you’re Brilliant America! Take the Mensa Admission Test this October. As Mensa International celebrates its 65th Brilliant Anniversary, hundreds of local test sessions are occurring across the United States, hoping to identify the six million brilliant Americans who qualify for the high IQ organization.


The testing fee is regularly $40 per person, but for the month of October 2011, prospective members can download a $15 off coupon at To locate a testing site in your area, log on to Those testing during the Mensa Brilliant anniversary need to bring a photo ID and show up 30 minutes early for registration. The test is open to anyone ages 14 and older, and parental permission is required for anyone age 14 to 17 years old.

“For 65 years, Mensa has provided an opportunity for people to network with like-minded individuals and meet people from all walks of life,” said Elissa Rudolph, Chair for American Mensa. “This is great time to take the test, experience the organization, and join the celebration of Mensa International’s Brilliant Anniversary”  

Mensa was founded in Oxford, England, October 1, 1946 by Roland Berrill and Lancelot Lionel Ware. Follow American Mensa on Twitter and Facebook for 65 days of Brilliant facts and history about Mensa. Also, check out our new Mensa Brilliant video at

American Mensa is an organization open to anyone who scores in the top two percent on an accepted, standardized intelligence test. The organization has more than 57,000 members in the United States and more than 110,000 members around the world. Members of Mensa attend local and national events, join special interest groups such as astronomy and philosophy, and help out in their communities through various projects. For more information about Mensa, or to apply for membership, visit or call (800) 66-MENSA. For more information about Mensa Brilliant, log on to