PRP 2000-2009

PRP 2009

Claire Natola, Chair

PRP 2008

Claire Natola, Chair

PRP 2007

Claire Natola, Chair

PRP 2006

Marc Lederman, Chair

PRP 2005

Marc Lederman, Chair

The only major change for the 2005 PRP was the separation of print and web contributions.

PRP 2004

Marc Lederman, Chair

The 2004 PRP established a third category of awards — the contribution awards. This set of awards recognized the writers, artists, photographers and puzzle creators who contributed to local group newsletters and Web sites. Editors were allowed to submit any contribution to their newsletters and were no longer limited to just the contributions in the three submitted issues.

PRP 2003

William G Raley, Chair

This year, the program expanded to include categories for Web sites that mirror those for the print awards.

PRP 2002

Ed Gordon, Chair

Only minor changes occurred in 2002, shifting awards in the various print categories.  Three Owls for Web site excellence were presented again this year.

PRP 2001

Mary Donahue, Chair.

The 2001 PRP awards saw changes in the catergories for Web awards.  Efficient uses of text, graphics and links evolved into bests for local group information, presentation, recruitment, entertainment and best electronic gathering.  For print publications, a number of Individual Achievement categories from prior years' awards were merged into the Service, Presentation and Entertainment categories.

PRP 2000

Donna Sommer, Chair