Jewel awards criteria

The Local Group Jewels recognize and reward Local Groups' membership-related activities and for their active participation in all that Mensa has to offer to positively impact the experience of the local group members. Accordingly, the program awards points for participation in Mensa rather than winning other Mensa awards.

Points are earned for a variety of activities and accomplishments, earned by the group as a whole, including participation in Mind Games®, CultureQuest®, Mensa Testing Day and Leadership Development Workshops.

The achievement levels are, lowest to highest: the Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby awards. Each of the five chapters obtaining the highest points in individual classes will be specifically recognized separately as the Diamond Group for that year.

Points are collected throughout the fiscal year of American Mensa, which is April 1 through March 31. All awards will be presented at the Annual Gathering following the conclusion of that fiscal year. Below are the areas that a Local Group can receive points and how they ensure that they are getting credit.

Diamond Award graphic Ruby Award graphic Sapphire Award graphic Emerald Award graphic
(Note: Winning groups may download graphics for the Jewels Awards.)


It's about clear communication with your members, making sure your Local Group is functioning on an administrative level and making sure that any major changes in LG leadership are communicated.

Description Base Points
Financial Report published in newsletter
    Submit your Local Group newsletter online, or mail it to the National Office.
1 each
Timely Reporting End of Year Financials to National Office
    An Excel spreadsheet template is provided by the National Office in early to mid January, and is due April 1.
Activities Calendar published in newsletter
    Submit your Local Group newsletter online, or mail it to the National Office.
1 each
Participation in lapsed member mailing
    Must complete form and return to National Office. Happens over the summer and due by August 1.
Website on file with National Office
    Members can validate that thier Local Group's website is on file by checking the Local Group information.
Reporting LocSec changeover to National Office
    Changes must be submitted to the National Office within 30 days of the Local Group's end-of-fiscal-year. Points are given when the LG makes annual changes or verifies that listed officers are up to date.

Leadership Development Workshops

These are points for working on leadership training and making sure Local Group volunteers are aware of the latest programs and tools from the National Office, while still learning how to provide better services to members.

Description Base Points
Member attendance
    This is calculted through sign-in sheets provided to National Office.
1 each
Bonus: Three members from the same group attending 5
Action Plan submitted by member attending LDW
    Plans need to be submitted within 30 days of the LDW.
2 each


It's about what programs you are offering members.

Description Base Points
Governance Meeting with effective national notice to members
    Business Meetings of the organization (ExComm, Board, Steering Committee)
1 each
Diversity factor
    Local member meetings/events that are not just meals (socials, game nights, presentations, etc.) Four or more types of activities are required.
5 per month
Hosting the Annual Gathering 12
Hosting a Regional Gathering
    Must be on the National Office events calendar.
Hosting an AMC Meeting
    No points are awarded if the meeting is held at the National Office.
Hosting Mind Games 4
Hosting an LDW
    Must be submitted to Leadership Development for approval.
Community Activities Program 2 each


Communicating with members is a KEY part of what you do in your chapter.

Description Base Points
ACE award recipient
    The Local Group must submit an application for review. Learn More.
G=60, S=30


Whatever your Local Group is doing, it results in members who stick around and are glad to rejoin Mensa. These measures would complement what is being provided to members through the National Office.

Description Base Points
Percentage of early renewals by 2/1
    Automatically calculated from database data.
1 each
Percentage of prompt renewals by 3/31
    Automatically calculated from database data.
1 each
Membership growth percentage
    Automatically calculated from database data.
1 each


Consistent infusion of new members, participation in different programs and remaining active and involved at various volunteer levels — all positive signs of a strong chapter that is providing programming for engaged and happy members.

Description Base Points
Proctored test sessions
    Automatically calculated by the National Office as tests are submitted.
3 each
Bonus: Points for each proctor who tests twice or more during the year 2 each
Bonus: Points for each different location for testing
    Must be listed on the testing calendar. Must be 10+ miles away from other location.
2 each
Culture Quest teams
    Local Groups are awarded points based on the teams that compete in April.
1 each
Participation in Foundation Scholarship Program
    Local Group must participate in the program to get points. The LG Scholarship Chair must be on file by the deadline, typically early August.
Mensa Testing Day participation
    Each Local Group is automatically opted in — opting out loses the LG the points.
Local Group Member serving on National Committee 1 each

Class Sizes & Point Level Breaks

Class Emerald Sapphire Ruby
V (fewer than 100 members) 175 200 225
IV (100-199 members) 225 250 275
III (200-399 members) 250 300 350
II (400-899 members) 265 315 365
I (900+ members) 315 390 465