Mensa books for everyone

Published in 1972, Games for the Superintelligent, written by Mensan James Fixx, was the first widely popular Mensa-related quiz book.

To this day Mensa is known for the entertaining books written by its members or endorsed by the organization. Mensa is proud to recommend this selection of books; we hope you find them challenging and interesting.

101 Checker Puzzles
101 Checker Puzzles <em>by Robert Pike</em>

One, two, three and you've made a triple jump and shut down your opponent's game! Winning checkers isn't always as easy and quick as that, of course, but figure out the logic behind these 101 brilliant strategies and you will come out ahead every time.

American Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling
American Mensa Guide<br>to Casino Gambling <em>by Andrew Brisman</em>

Walk away from every casino a winner! Here's the inside line on the games and bets that give the best advantage.

Card Games for Smart Kids
Card Games for Smart Kids<br><em>by Margie Golick, Ph.D.</em>

Card games are great fun — and learning new games can magically enhance kids' skills!

Challenging Brainteasers
Challenging Brainteasers<br><em>by Bernardo Recaman Santos</em>

Puzzle these out! Math and logic become more fun than ever when they're turned into brainteasing games.

Crosswords for Kids
Crosswords for Kids<br><em>by Trip Payne</em>

Do you know the three-letter word for a female sheep or the four-letter name of Dr. Frankenstein's assistant? Try your hand at crossword puzzles that offer hours of challenges and amusement.