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Pre-pay your testing session fee with an American Mensa Testing Voucher. You'll be emailed a uniquely numbered voucher to present when visiting one of our test locations.

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Directed Daydreaming: Evoking epiphany from a more-conscious mind

While on a clandestine mission in Russia, one Mensan narrowly escaped disaster, aided only by a practice used by some of the world's greatest thinkers — and some mind-clearing sonatas.

By Don White, Illustrations by Jonathan Moore
Finding lost souls is in this scientist's DNA
Finding lost souls<br /> is in this scientist's DNA

Colloquium 2014 speaker Dr. Rhonda Roby pioneered victim identification using mitochondrial DNA. Now she leads a team of lab-coated hunters seeking to bring closure to families searching for answers.

On the origin of love and the allure of affection
On the origin of love and the allure of affection

For decades (even centuries), the dating formula was simple: find a mate, court, marry, raise a family. These days, the story's not so cut and dry.

Member Spotlight: Dr. Robert Dieter
He's a member, too | DR. ROBERT DIETER

In practice for over 18 years, Dr. Robert Dieter serves as the Chief of Vascular Medicine and Cardiovascular Interventions at Edward Hines, Jr. Veterans Affairs Hospital providing health care services to veterans near the Chicago area.