September 22, 2015
Happy Membership Month — Know Your Mensa

In 1946 the first United Nations General Assembly meeting took place in London, the U.S. Army made first radar contact with the moon and the first automatic digital computer, ENIAC, was booted up at the University of Pennsylvania. It’s no surprise that 1946 also marks the year that the first Mensa meeting took place.

Member spotlight: Robert Schaefer
He's a member, too | ROBERT SCHAEFER

A Mensa member since 2000, Robert Schaefer is a retired U.S. Army Special Forces officer, diplomat, international defense expert and award-winning author. Earlier in 2014, Robert served as a Russian security analyst for NBC during the Olympics.

My Digital Memory

After sustaining a traumatic brain injury in an auto accident, Thomas Dixon was forced to record new experiences, one tweet at a time, lest he forget about them forever.

By Thomas Dixon, Illustrations by Tim Ogline
July 8, 2015
Unbridled Images: Looking Back at AG 2015
Unbridled Images: Looking Back at AG 2015

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then a slideshow is a storybook, and this year’s Annual Gathering — Unbridled Spirit, in Louisville — is a story worth retelling.

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