Mensa Bulletin

Mensa Bulletin

The Mensa Bulletin is the national magazine for members of American Mensa, published 10 times a year with combined issues in April/May and November/December. An online companion to the Bulletin uses the flexibility of the Internet to increase the scope of the magazine. Your membership dues payment includes a subscription to the Bulletin.

Additionally, Mensa’s Gifted Youth Specialist combs the Bulletin monthly in search of articles, pictures, and features that are both appropriate and that may be of special interest to our young members. These are featured online in our Bulletin Discovery for Youth.

Current members can access this month's issue of the digital Bulletin here.

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What's the Mensa Bulletin all about?

The Mensa Bulletin is all new.  Every page has been redesigned — new fonts, new headlines, new design styles. Departments received makeovers; the news section was expanded; even the letters section got a little more room. Most importantly, though, the Bulletin is for and about our members.

In addition to the member-generated content and photos, each issue includes a “question of the month” in which we ask members to share their thoughts (in 250 words or less) about a general-interest topic like "What invention would you want to cease to exist?" We're posing these questions and more to Mensans — they don't have to be professional writers to contribute, but they do have to be members of Mensa.

Here is an idea of some of our monthly content and a sample of the articles you can expect:

"Portland Revealed," by Linda Roach,
as featured in the April/May 2011 issue

"Rescued Treasure" by Dyan deNapoli
as featured in the January 2011 issue

"Looking at Language" column, by Richard Lederer,
as featured in the June 2011 issue

"Parting Shots" column,
as featured in the February 2011 issue

"Page Turners" column, by Tom Elliott,
as featured in the July 2011 issue

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