Publications and Reports

What Mensa material would you like to read today?Christopher Morley wrote, “Read, every day, something no one else is reading. Think, every day, something no one else is thinking. Do, every day, something no one else would be silly enough to do. It is bad for the mind to continually be part of unanimity.”

No, we're not trying to say that no one reads these publications. As life-long learners, many Mensa members are avid readers — not to mention original thinkers and/or unafraid doers  —  so we provide a wide and international selection of reading opportunities.

Board meeting reports
Board meeting reports

American Mensa's board of directors, the American Mensa Committee meets quarterly.  In addition to the meeting agenda and minutes, each board member and appointee reports on the progress of the organization in relation to American Mensa's strategic plan.

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Weekly Brainwave

American Mensa's Weekly Brainwave is a thought-provoking news brief custom-built to send only the most interesting Mensa-relevant news straight to your inbox in a convenient, concise format.


American Mensa's Compendium is a web-based educational resource, edited and maintained by members and staff. This members-only asset consolidates and updates the historic, encyclopedic and training material previously available on our website and in other diverse, and sometimes rare, publications.

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American Mensa publishes a wide variety of enewsletters to keep its members informed and up-to-date. You can subscribe and visit the online archives of past issues.

Local Group newsletters
Local Group Newsletters

Whether your mailbox is online or on a post by the street, look to your Local Group newsletter for Mensa news, thought-provoking commentary, fiction, laughs and, of course, that all-important calendar of local events.

Mensa Bulletin
<em>Mensa Bulletin</em>

The Mensa Bulletin is the national magazine for members of American Mensa. Your membership dues payment includes a subscription to the Bulletin.

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Mensa Research Journal
Mensa Research Journal

The Mensa Research Journal publishes recent findings on giftedness and intelligence from a diverse selection of internationally esteemed researchers.

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Mensa World Journal

The Mensa International Journal is the membership magazine for Mensa International, Ltd.

Officer handbooks
Officer handbooks

American Mensa's officer handbooks will introduce you to all the possibilities and responsibilities of the various positions available to American Mensa's volunteers. If you're currently holding an office, please familiarize yourself with the relevant handbook.

Online Community
Online Community

American Mensa's online Community is open 24/7 for the discussion of all topics philosophical to frivolous, serious to silly, by our members across the country and around the world. It also includes chat and social media features as well as a Sharehouse of downloadable information by and for Local Group officers.

Policy documents
Policy documents

These include the Constitution of Mensa as the governing document for Mensa worldwide; American Mensa's Bylaws defining the structure and governance of the organization; the board's Actions Still in Effect, or ASIEs; and Local Group bylaws, which are crafted based on the Minimum Standard Bylaws.

YM2: Young Mensan Magazine
YM2: Young Mensan Magazine

Young Mensan Magazine is a free quarterly magazine designed to help Young Mensans connect and share their interests. The most-recent issue is open to the public, but the YM² online archive is available only to current Mensa members.