American Mensa's board of directors

Board of directors

The American Mensa Committee is American Mensa's board of directors. A seat on the Board is both a privilege and a responsibility, as members of the Board of Directors have the duties of carrying out the corporation’s business, setting its policies and priorities, and determining its financial commitments. Their votes on motions are binding on the corporation and, hence, affect every member, Local Group and Special Interest Group of American Mensa.

The information provided in this area is designed to help the Board of Directors and its appointees conduct the business of American Mensa. Board officers also have a number of support services available to them through the National Office.

Board's Focus

During the tenure of this Board, the committee will focus attention on better matching the reality of Mensa membership with expectations. To do this, we will make it easier for members to participate in social and intellectual interactions with each other. We will clarify and simplify organizational structures, and capitalize on technologies that build communities

We will update Mensa’s business model for the 21st century. We will continue to engage in open, authentic and trusted communication, so members know where things stand and how they may contribute. At the same time, we want to learn more about what members are doing, so we can effectively support efforts to create the Mensa we envision for the future.

More about the Board of Directors' planning efforts can be found under Strategic Planning.


Board of Directors officers represent their constituencies; the Regional Vice Chairmen represent their regions and, for example, the Communications Officer represents Local Group Editors and Web Contacts. Ultimately, each Board member’s role must represent his or her best individual decisions for the benefit of Mensa as a whole in addition to the needs of his or her constituents.

The 15 voting members of the Board include the Chairman; First and Second Vice Chairmen; Secretary; Treasurer; and 10 Regional Vice Chairmen. The Board also include four key appointees: Communications, Membership and Development Officers; and the Director of Science and Education.