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Rejoin American Mensa

If you are a former member of American Mensa and are currently living in the United States or its protectorates, you do not have to requalify your membership. You can simply reinstate your membership online using your membership number.

If you do not have your membership number available or if our renewal process does not recognize your number, contact Member Services with your full name, city and state at the time you were a member, the year you were last a member, date of birth, and any prior names that may have been attributed to your membership record. We ask for this information so that we can easily locate your membership record.

Also include your current name, U.S. address, phone number, and email address (if available).

You can also send this information to:

American Mensa, Ltd.
Attn: Reinstating Members
1229 Corporate Drive West
Arlington, Texas 76006-6103
(817) 607-0060 ext. 199
fax (817) 649-5232

Once we've located your membership record, we'll provide you with your membership number so that you can reinstate your membership online, call to reinstate or receive a membership bill via regular mail.