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American Mensa offers a variety of products and services to the general public, membership candidates and, of course, our members. We think you'll find everything you'd expect, as well as some things you've never even considered.

If you don't find the right benefit, service or product to fully express your "Mensa self," feel free to contact our Member Services Department with your suggestions!

Benefits and services
Benefits and services

American Mensa offers a number of benefits and services to its members, and often members are able to offset their annual dues through the discounts provided by our providers.  Not listed are the endless opportunities for friendship and belonging through the vast network of social activities at both the national and the local level.

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Gift certificates
Give the gift of Mensa

Make Mensa the gift that keeps on giving when you help your favorite Mensan or Mensan-to-be join, rejoin or renew his or her membership online. American Mensa gift certificates are available for purchase and redemption online.

Mensa books
Mensa books for everyone

Mensa is known for the entertaining books written by its members or endorsed by the organization. Mensa is proud to recommend this selection of books; we hope you find them challenging and interesting. They're all available through American Mensa's Smart Buys online store.

Mensa Select® games
Look for the Mensa Select® seal

Each year, members of Mensa meet over one weekend to play and rate the year's newest board games. The top five games earn Mensa Select® distinction and may display the Mensa Select seal on their packaging.

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Mensa Store
Mensa Store

Fox Imaging is the Offical Store of American Mensa Products, your source for Mensa-branded apparel and other products including Mensa Select® games, books, pins and more.

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Pre-purchase testing
Pre-purchase testing

To facilitate testing with American Mensa, individuals have the option of pre-paying for the testing session by purchasing a one-time-use Testing Voucher redeemable at an American Mensa testing session, proctored by one of our certified Proctors.

Smart Buys
Smart Buys...<br /> where American Mensa and Amazon intersect

American Mensa has teamed up with to create Smart Buys, an online storefront for things found where Mensa and Amazon intersect. A small percentage of each purchase (whether it's in the store or reached elsewhere in Amazon through our store) comes back to American Mensa as non-dues revenue, with no difference to your price paid. So bookmark the store, come do what you do at Amazon anyway, and help support American Mensa!

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The Mensa brand
Making the most of the Mensa brand

The Mensa brand is our promise to our members and the public that items carrying our name and the stylized-M logo are of the highest quality and are synonymous with excellence in intelligence and life-long learning.

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