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Polka-Dot Brain

The mother of a child with disabilities knows: No amount of   smiling at a flight of stairs has ever turned it into a ramp — but there’s still reason to smile.

By Anais Godard
Lincoln 2.0

Could we build an artificial intelligence that could think, make decisions, and communicate like the man most regarded as our greatest president, Abraham Lincoln?

By Robert Moran
20th-Century Genius, 21st-Century Idiot

When I was 16, we were given the SAT exams. I scored so well that 15 or so years later, those scores got me into Mensa.

No Need to M'splain Yourself: The Test

M’splain [EM-spleyn] verb: 1. to provide additional and/or specific detail on a topic, regardless of whether it is relevant, warranted, or welcome ...

By Matthew Grob
The Q Word

In 1976, American Mensa established the first Special Interest Group for LGBTQ+ Mensans. Founded as GaySIG and later called Gay & Lesbian SIG, we are now named QueerSIG. This latest name change marks a critical inflection point toward greater inclusion of American Mensa’s LGBTQ+ members.

By NGUYEN PHAM, QueerSIG Vice Chair
Driving Farce

You'll relish this frank take on the driving motivations behind what we drive ... and who knew, Oscar Mayer has an entire Weinerfleet!

Add Wealth to Your Vocabulary
Film's Best Friend

With new indie feature The Year of the Dog, Mensa moviemaker discovers the gravitas of canine thespians and how finding purpose and making connections can heal.

By Rob Grabow

Out of darkness comes hope, and out of hope comes an unexpected passion and renewed sense of life ... if he can keep himself alive long enough to enjoy it. Rocket scientist/Star Trek writer/safari warrior/author Chester L. Richards asks: Is nature out to kill us? Maybe not. But someone is.

Fundraisers, Food Drives, Honor Roll, and Integrity

The Mensa Honor Society launched in 2013, the brainchild of then-Gifted Youth Specialist Lisa Van Gemert, to recognize Young Mensans ages 10 to 18 who use their intelligence to benefit humanity and encourage other YM’s to do the same.

By Molly Bundschuh, Gifted Youth Programs Manager
Real Simulations

We might not be living in the Matrix, but that doesn’t make you real. If an advanced civilization could program our reality, could it not also make a physical model?

By Paul McKinley
Mom's Traveling Handkerchief

I remember Mom often retelling her biggest travel adventure. One time, she took an overnight train from Buffalo to Cleveland. Her most memorable tale from that journey was being able to sleep using her suitcase for a pillow. I often think of her when I am about to fall asleep on an intercontinental flight and say to myself, “Yes, Mom, we do travel well.”

By Dorothy Baldwin Wicker, Ph.D. • Illustration by Kirsten Wahlquist
Moonglow Road

Garth had always been proud of his cleverness in fooling people. In his teenage days, he had shoplifted frequently and gotten away with it. He had bragged to his friends about it. That was in another place and time. Now he was on to bigger and better things.

By Lois Conway • Illustration by Amanda Mattison
The Psychedelic ’60s Saved My Life

In the 1660s, I would have been burned at the stake for being a witch. In the 1760s, I would have been committed to Bedlam. In the 1860s, I would have been consigned to the role of old maid housekeeper (unpaid) for a male relation in need of domestic help. Mercifully, I grew up in the 1960s.

By Katherine Kerestman • Illustrations by Roksanna Keyvan
You Gotta Crawl Before You Can Fly

For 60 years, NASA's crawlers have rolled around their space vehicle cargo like a human standing on a short legged coffee table supported by four giant tortoises.

By Gilbert Chan
Life in Poland During a Humanitarian Crisis

Poland, a country familiar with the tragedies of war, welcomes its neighbors by the millions during the Ukraine crisis.

By Piotr Marek Ciszewski
The Relationship Puzzle

Dolph and his daughter-in-law were not always successful in their puzzling endeavors, including completing the Mensa Bulletin’s Brain Games, but the passion connected them and made him feel home in Mensa.

By Sandra A. Miller
StarMan and Life Member Dylan Taylor Just Got Back from Space. (He Recommends the Trip)

The space industry executive who paid his way aboard a Blue Origin flight wants to get others living and working in space and has plans to get us there.

By Chip Taulbee
Mae King, Out at The Kabb Inn

Roger, the magnificent Madelyn King, the Meyers boys, a dubious transfer in property ownership, lovers scorned, a shootout with the police, and one free man's bucket list lead to an unexpected beginning to 1999.

By Wayne Michael DeHart • Illustrated by M. C. Matz
Crash-Landed From Another Planet: An American Pilgrimage

In June, we packed up the Jeep for a father-and-son road trip across America. We didn’t set out to “discover America” or one-up Alexis de Tocqueville but nonetheless made observations about contemporary America on our long drive.

By Robert and Asa Moran • Illustrated by Jon Moore