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The Mensa Bulletin is the national magazine for members of American Mensa, published 10 times a year with combined issues in April/May and November/December. Our membership dues include a subscription to the Bulletin.

In addition to the member-generated content and photos, each issue includes a “question of the month” in which we ask members to share their thoughts (in 250 words or less) about a general-interest topic like “What invention would you want to cease to exist?” We’re posing these questions and more to Mensans — they don’t have to be professional writers to contribute, but they do have to be members of Mensa.

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What’s the Mensa Bulletin all about?

Here is an idea of some of our monthly content and a sample of the articles you can expect:

Crash-Landed From Another Planet: An American Pilgrimage

In June, we packed up the Jeep for a father-and-son road trip across America. We didn’t set out to “discover America” or one-up Alexis de Tocqueville but nonetheless made observations about contemporary America on our long drive.

By Robert and Asa Moran • Illustrated by Jon Moore
Making Peace With the Stranger in the Mirror

A breast cancer survivor surveys her transformed body and evaluates what’s left, what she lost, and what matters most.

By Natalie Stanfield • Illustrated by Amanda Mattison
The Best Toy Ever

Back before safety standards, the best toys came with flesh-searing hotplates used to make plastic bugs, cars, and second-degree burns.

By Vic Larson • Illustrated by Jon Moore
Role of the Government in the Creation and Supply of Money

In antebellum America, thousands of loosely regulated currencies flooded the market without the backing of a central bank. The era bears similarities to this current period of proliferating cryptocurrencies.

By Pascal Su
The Buyback

JJ had bought the gun for cash at an antique store. He took one final look at the old seven-shot revolver in his own old hands before e saw the sign: GUN BUYBACK. The following day, there was a report about a double murder not too far from where he lived.

By George M. Hollenback • Illustrated by Tim Ogline
Here’s Your Lunch, Human

We delivery robots have got human beings all figured out. Humans need food several times a day. When they’re too busy to fetch it themselves, they order it by phone. That’s where we come in.

By Stephen Stuart • Illustrated by Amanda Mattison
Nemesis: A Short Story

A young boy spends his final moments with an unexpected old friend — a wonder of nature that he first climbed at age 3. A monster it was, elliptical in shape, as big as a school bus. From the county road it looked like some humpbacked marine leviathan breaching the stillness of an emerald-green sea.

By K. E. Bevier
Politics & the Media: The Tipping Point

Advances in communication, in particular the rapid growth of social media, have transformed the political landscape to where our elected leaders execute their responsibilities in ways that would no longer be familiar to the Founding Fathers who crafted the process.

By Tom Cooke • Illustrated by Jon Moore
Intelligence & Unbelief

Mensan Phillip Power examines the role intelligence plays in religiosity, arguing that it’s neither correct nor helpful to frame theism and atheism into a paradigm of intelligence values.

By Phillip Power • Illustrated by Cherie Fruehan
End-of-Life Empowerment

As a physician, health plan admin, and screenwriter, Mensan Csaba Mera endeavors to let patients die on their terms. He co-wrote the film Here Awhile as part of his quest to bring choice and dignity to end-of-life planning.

By Csaba Mera, M.D., FAAP, FRCPC • Illustrated by Amanda Mattison
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