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InterLink Newsletter

InterLoc was first published in 1967 as a vehicle for exchanging information among Local Secretaries, Editors and interested Mensans. For more than 40 years, it was a stand-alone publication, mailed directly to Local Group officers and interested members; between 2008 and 2010, it was sent to every member of American Mensa as a supplement in the Mensa Bulletin.

The purposes of InterLoc have been incorporated into the guidelines for InterLink. The publication is still a resource aimed at involved and concerned members. There are still articles intended to help leaders serve their Local Groups effectively. The publication still asks the questions about issues our members want to know more about, and still includes responses from members like you.

Mensa is about ongoing, vibrant, interactive discussion of many topics. InterLink is a vital, dynamic component in the expanding constellation of Mensan communications.

Issues going back to 2001 are available in the InterLoc online library. The archive of InterLink issues is also available online.