Make the most of your Local Group resources

Running a Mensa Local Group may seem like a daunting task — but it doesn't have to be. Browse here for much of the information you need to get started and keep working most efficiently.

From your group's monthly paperwork to your local membership prospects, from all kinds of materials to national publicity for your RG, from ideas for gifted youth activities to a calendar of important dates for officers, you'll find it all — and much more — right here.

Don't forget to check out the rest of the Lead section for additional information that makes your life as an officer much easier.

Boundary mapping

These maps may be useful in determining where new activities may be held or where a group may need additional Area Coordinators. As well, the prospect maps may be useful in visualising the distribution of prospects vs. available Proctors.

Email your members
Event Resources
Gatherings listing request

For gatherings planners, it is important to publicize the event widely. For a listing in the Mensa Bulletin and on the American Mensa Web site, complete the gatherings listing form.

Gifted Youth Coordinator resources

The Gifted Youth Coordinator is an invaluable volunteer for Mensa. It's through GYCs that we're able to provide a stimulating intellectual and social environment for our youngest members. Here, you'll find here the various handbooks and release forms that we use to ensure that youth protection is always our number one priority.

Materials requests

Every Local Group needs collateral materials, handbooks, forms; luckily, we have all of things things available for you.

Membership Data Agreement

In order to receive membership information as an officer or appointee of the organization, you must request agree to the provisions outline in our Membership Data Agreement.

Newsletter uploads

Local Group newsletters provide Mensa members with a monthly calendar of events, report local and national Mensa news, and facilitate communication between and among the members and the American Mensa Committee. Local Group officers can upload their newsletters here.

Officer elists

A number of local group offices have dedicated elists through which current officers can ask questions of each other, share ideas and best practices.

Officer reports

As an addendum to the roles-based tools and reporting we dubuted with the new Association Management System, below you'll find a description of each report the National Office provides online, including the column headers and data types for CSV-formatted reports.

Officer timeline

Want to know about upcoming meetings, award deadlines, when we send your monthly mailing? Our officer timeline contains key dates for our officers and appointees.

Officer transition

Efficient officer transition is a vital function that, when done correctly, is barely noticeable. But when it's handled poorly — or not handled at all — it can bring a local group to a standstill.

Officers' Sharehouse

Housed within our online Community is a file-sharing area for officers and appointees who can upload and share their graphics, photos and articles. Because the Sharehouse is a part of our Community, you can rate content and comment on the uploads as well.

Online issue submission form

Use this form to submit issues discovered using the following tools: Email your members, newsletter upload, lapsed member and prospect trackers, officer tools and reports.

Scholarship Chair resources

These resources are available to local and regional Scholarship Chairs, as well as the national Scholarship Chair.

Testing calendar admin

Our online testing calendar is available for Proctors and Testing Coordinators to list their upcoming testing sessions for prospective members visiting our Web site.

Web services

American Mensa's Web services encompass everything from the structure, content and support of this website to discussion forums, group hosting services and elists. These services are currently available to all Local Groups, regions and national committees.

Web toolbox

The right tool always makes the job easier and the work better. Following are several services, most of which are free, open-source tools, designed for a variety of digital and web activities.