Connect with other members

Being a member of American Mensa is about connecting with other members, those like minds who will challenge your opinions, embrace your interests, and yes, occasionally, get your jokes. One of the best ways to get involved in Mensa is to make those connections.

Board contacts
Board contacts

The American Mensa Committee is American Mensa's board of directors.  The members of the board and appointees of the board are listed here.

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Foundation trustees
Mensa Foundation Board of Trustees

The property and business of the Mensa Foundation is managed by the Board of Trustees, which supervises the disposition and solicitation of donations to the Foundation.

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Local Groups

As a member of American Mensa, you're also part of a smaller group based in your immediate area that hosts weekly programs and activities. Each Local Group is made up of individuals who provide an intellectual and social environment like no other. 

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Member directory

American Mensa's online member directory provides information for members who have released that information for publication in an online or printed directory.  This release information is collected via the Personal Data Questionnaire sent to members each year when they renew and via their online profiles.

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Mensa Facebook Groups
Mensa Facebook Groups

American Mensa now has two Facebook groups available for member participation. In keeping with the tradition started in our own Online Community, we offer American Mensa Hospitality and American Mensa Firehouse. Members are welcome to join either or both groups.

Mensa International
Mensa International

Today, there are around 110,000 Mensans in 100 countries throughout the world. There are active Mensa organizations in more than 40 countries on every continent except Antarctica. The Mensa International Web site is the first, best place to make connections with members around the world.

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National Office staff
Contact the National Office staff

The National Office of American Mensa, Ltd., located in Arlington, Texas, houses professional support staff for American Mensa and the Mensa Education & Research Foundation, supporting members, officers and volunteers of the organization.

Officer eLists
Officer eLists

A number of local offices have a dedication elist where officers can exchange ideas, talk and learn about the positions they hold. Each officer elist has a dedicated Board liaison and staff liaison to assist in the administrative functioning of the elist. Some elists may be restricted to current, specific officers only, and others may allow past officers or all interested members to participate.

Online Community
Online Community

Online discussion boards, forums, threaded discussions, chat, friends... Read from over 100,000 topics, interact with members from around the country and around the world... Find all of this and more in American Mensa's online Community! 

Travel the world with the SIGHT program

SIGHT allows members to enjoy the company and hospitality of Mensans from around this country and from more than 40 other countries.

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Special Interest Groups
Our Special Interest Groups are SIGnificant!

Mensa has always encouraged members to congregate around their special interests. In recent years the total number of active special interest groups (SIGs) has varied between 130 and 160.

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