My Mensa is your Mensa

potted plantAmerican Mensa continues to grow and thrive because you find value in your membership and choose to nurture it.

We hope that you'll get involved in the organization at the level you're most comfortable. In the meantime, please use the resources below to explore the benefits of Mensa membership.

You may want to start by updating your Membership Profile and reviewing our website to find the best ways to get involved locally, regionally or nationally.

My Membership Profile

Information about your membership, including your contact information, Communications Preferences, invoices and more.

My Local Group

Information about your Local Group, including an officer directory, Local Group geography and more.

Benefits and services

American Mensa offers a number of benefits and services to its members, and often members are able to offset their annual dues through the discounts provided by our providers.

Member primer

We hope you'll find this primer helpful as you navigate Mensa and connect with other Mensans like you! We've covered a number of useful topics, including dues rates, governance and policies, and short descriptions of our available publications.

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Member logo use

The marks are among Mensa's most valuable assets. In order to protect Mensa's rights in the marks, their use must be limited. This policy statement sets forth the conditions under which the marks may and may not be used.