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A constitutional convention held today would be a prime target for influence by those who harbor ambitions of becoming American royalty, running the nation like a feudal kingdom, and further reducing or eliminating the ability of We the People to influence government.

Jerome Findlay Quidley III was not a man of God. But he was a respected member of Hootlani, a bootlegger’s paradise at the end of the earth. When a viper enters the Garden of Eden, Jerome Findlay Quidley III must make an important decision: where to head from here.

How do we keep autopilot from kicking in to make us hang with a decision not in our own best interest? And how do we resolve the resulting cognitive dissonance? The key is to be aware of this tendency that exists in all of us and consciously combat it.

Founded by a rock star, a UFO-hunting organization uses serious experts in its search for answers. Can To the Stars Academy’s team, and their backgrounds with legit outfits such as Skunk Works, the National Security Agency, NASA, and the CIA, also find credibility?

Submit your best unpublished work or works of short fiction to be considered for September’s special fiction edition of the Bulletin.

Our friends at GEICO are sending one lucky Mensan and their guest to the 2019 Annual Gathering in Phoenix, Ariz., including two AG registrations, hotel accommodations, and two tickets to the Gala Dinner featuring speaker Adam Savage.

If you are interested in serving Mensa International in an appointed position, now is your opportunity to apply. Multiple officer and committee positions are open, with terms beginning after the International Board of Directors meeting in October.

Now in its 8th year, Match’s Singles in America survey asks singles across the country how it feels, what it looks like, and what it means to be single today. (Sponsored by Match)



Mind Games

Join a few hundred new and longtime board-game friends at Mind Games at the Galaxy Banquet Center for a weekend of playing new-to-the-market games. After a weekend of nonstop game play, you decide which games earn the coveted Mensa Select® seal.

Foundation Colloquium

This one-day educational symposium provides a forum to explore, debate, and evaluate a major issue of long-range importance to society. Colloquium 2019 will explore thee inherent intertwine of privacy rights and information technology, the balance between personal privacy and public security, and what privacy looks like in the 21st century.

Annual Gathering

The largest yearly confab of Mensans anywhere, this event spans five days and features a sprawl of talks, games, and entertainment unlike any other. In Phoenix, you can beat the heat with the company of cool people, exciting tours, and a dizzying array of fascinating programs and special events.

Regional & Local

Join us March 29-31, 2019, for Dayton’s famous 24-hour Hospitality. We’ll spend the weekend with cards and board games, tournaments, trivia, and pick-up games.

SEMMantics 40
April 26-28

Join Southeast Michigan Mensa for SEMMantics 40, featuring two separate speaker tracks, games and tournaments all weekend, Mensa Bowl, and quality beer and wine tastings.

Come share what fascinates you and learn about what makes other Ms tick in beautiful Montreal, the largest French-speaking city after Paris.