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Incredible as it may seem at first thought, practically every sentence that you speak and write during your lifetime has never been spoken or written before in human history. Without realizing it, we all spend most of our waking hours inventing language.

When the wife of a mom-and-pop auto shop visits a local school, she finds her next fixer-upper in the form of a scared young pupil. Are empathy and kindness sufficient tools to repair this scared boy?

Mike Wimmer is a profoundly gifted, forward-thinking youngster whose educational journey offers lessons and inspiration to other gifted youth and their parents and teachers. His advice to parents of gifted youth: “Never stop fighting for your kids.”

What the pyramids were to the ancient Egyptians the Oxford English Dictionary is to English language scholarship — the most impressive collective achievement of our civilization. The difference is that inside the OED pulses something alive, growing, and evolving.

With pride, we celebrate those Local Groups and individuals within our ranks that continue to go above and beyond to make American Mensa the great organization that it is. Inside, you'll find a complete list of the 2018 American Mensa national and group award winners.

At the Crossroads of America, more than 1,700 Mensans from around the country and, indeed, the globe converged for five days of #nerdcamp. Relive the memories or see what you missed in this perspicacious photo gallery.

San Diego Comic-Con wanted to know “Why Geek is the New Cool,” and Mensa gladly helped provide the answer. American Mensa hosted a Comic-Con panel to explore the recent surge in popularity of quirky, intelligent — yet relatable — protagonists in pop culture.

In its 8th year, Match's Singles in America survey asks singles across the country how it feels, what it looks like, and what it means to be single in 2018. (Sponsored by Match)



Foundation Colloquium

This one-day educational symposium provides a forum to explore, debate, and evaluate a major issue of long-range importance to society. Colloquium 2019 will explore thee inherent intertwine of privacy rights and information technology, the balance between personal privacy and public security, and what privacy looks like in the 21st century.

Annual Gathering

The largest yearly confab of Mensans anywhere, this event spans five days and features a sprawl of talks, games, and entertainment unlike any other. In Phoenix, you can beat the heat with the company of cool people, exciting tours, and a dizzying array of fascinating programs and special events.

Mind Games

Join a few hundred new and longtime board-game friends at Mind Games at the Galaxy Banquet Center for a weekend of playing new-to-the-market games. After a weekend of nonstop game play, you decide which games earn the coveted Mensa Select® seal.

Regional & Local

Rivers 3 RG
August 31 - September 3

Four days, three nights, and too much fun! Join Western Pennslyvania Mensa as we celebrate our 38th annual Regional Gathering with our usual blend of food, speakers, games, tournaments, crafts, and more.

August 31 - September 3

Mensa of Northeastern New York invites you to experience RechaRGe 2018: Back to the Future! This three-day Regional Gathering happens Labor Day weekend in Albany, N.Y.!

Come and celebrate twenty years of Mensa community with us! We'll be bringing back some favorite speakers and activities from years past, as well as new things.

Join us Sep. 28-30 for Peachtreat 43, where we'll be celebrating the concept of "prime," including things that are primal, primary, and primitive. Come find out if we are ready for prime time!