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Old Is New Again

Brainbelts — emerging islands of creativity and innovation — have transformed local Rust Belt economies through collaboration between business, academia, and regional governments by working together with ingenuity, new technologies, and new materials.

Do Nonhuman Animals Have Rights?

In the discipline of philosophy, there is a legitimate debate over whether there are such things as nonhuman animal rights. Philosophy professor and Mensan Elliott R. Crozat takes a closer look at the issue from both sides.

Trainwreck in Heels

With its charming idiosyncrasies and unexpected opportunities for authentic belonging, my Mensa family is one I have held dear since my entry in 2010. As I approach the close of my first decade of Mensanhood, I realize I have much for which to be grateful about this whimsical, wonderful group.

Viral Words

As the coronavirus wraps its tentacles around our planet and the number of infections and deaths burgeons, you might be wondering why this respiratory pathogen is dubbed COVID-19.

At-home Learning Resources for Kids

With so many families finding it necessary to transform their homes into makeshift classrooms, the Mensa Foundation is here to help. features a curated lists of free and low-cost educational resources to enrich your child’s mind and ignite their excitement about learning.

Young Mensans Create Free Online Tutoring Service

Their classroom routine upended by the pandemic, Central Florida Mensa YM’s Max Boger and Nicole Ward quickly realized their situation wasn’t unique. The two banded together to create Orlando Student Tutoring to address the challenges of distance learning.

Young Mensans Organize Critical Deliveries to Seniors

What started with a concern for their own grandparents’ safety, Young Mensans Matthew Casertano and Dhruv Pai’s volunteer group, Teens Helping Seniors, now connects teens with seniors nationwide to provide contactless grocery and medicine delivery to those most vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Revamped and Moved Online, Mr* Mensa Raises Record Haul

Even before the pandemic nudged the event online, this year’s satirical take on the traditional pageant was bound to break barriers. The results delivered the first Mr. and Ms. Mensa duo, Jay Patton and Jen Zbylski, and raised for the Mensa Education & Research Foundation a record $42,731 — more than double any previous year.

National Events

Portland, Maine | April 22-25, 2021

An annual tradition since 1990, Mind Games is a four-day board-game-judging marathon, during which the year’s five best new-to-market tabletop games are chosen and awarded the coveted Mensa Select® seal. Join hundreds of tabletop fanatics for a long weekend of around-the-clock board gaming.

Advances in Food Science

Before it hits our plates, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes with what we eventually eat. At Colloquium 2020, we’ll explore the latest developments in food science, including investigations into food safety, emerging food and agricultural technologies, maintaining stable food supplies globally, and more. Join us — and bring an appetite!

KCAG20 | July 1-5, 2020

The largest yearly confab of Mensans anywhere, our AG spans five days and features a sprawl of talks, games, and entertainment. Kansas City is a revolution of creativity, music, food, art, and spirit … and we get to enjoy it all week! Connect with M’s from around the globe, reunite with old friends — and make some new ones. Missouri loves company, after all!

Local & Regional Gatherings

Due to concerns regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) and to ensure event safety, Metropolitan Washington Mensa's Regional Gathering, Pandemic 2020: Around the World, has been canceled. Please visit their website for more information as the situation develops.

Sadly Mensa of Northeastern New York made the decision to cancel our in person RG, RechaRGe 2020. But worry not! We're going virtual this year with some crowd favorites and hope you will join in! Virtual events for RechaRGe will take place on Zoom.

Break out your best Alice in Wonderland attire and come with us Through the Looking Glass! Fall down the rabbit hole for a long weekend filled with diverse and interactive speaker sessions, games, Eat Me & Drink Me Tastings, Carole-oke, excursions, and more!

No masks required — LonestaRG is going online. Enjoy Central Texas Mensa’s first Virtual Reality Gathering! We're going to offer a full weekend of online activities — speakers, games, crafts, discussion forums, BYO tastings, a new Name That Movie, plus your own delicious homemade Hospitality.

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