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Mensan artist David Ilan is trying to make a point — several points, actually. In some ways, Ilan is no different from other artists whose works distill larger themes into discrete subjects; their creations are microcosms for meaningful messages. What sets apart Ilan’s work is his embrace of the macro and micro.

Norwegian neurologist and Mensan Dr. Kaja Nordengen, author of the bestselling scientific divulgation Your Superstar Brain: Unlocking the Secrets of the Human Mind, became in 2014, at 26, the youngest female medical doctor in Norway.

“Freak accidents” are not typically associated with a successful run as an astronaut. For Dr. David Wolf, however, spacefaring has not so much defined his career as it has augmented a jam-packed life story.

From Modafinil and similar nootropics to gene editing and brain-computer interfaces — will our seemingly endless quest for neuroenhancement forever end in "Flowers for Algernon"?

The art of photography is an area where Mensans from more than 50 countries with different languages, customs, and traditions can converge with a single, visual language. Use your creativity, skills, and technical expertise to produce your entry in this year’s PhotoCup competition.

Every year, an army of Mensans, their families, and friends roll D12s, build decks, and move their meeples during Mind Games®, our annual tabletop judging juggernaut, to determine the year's best board games.

Today’s automakers are prioritizing features like this that not only protect drivers who get into accidents, but also help avoid accidents altogether. (Sponsored by GEICO)

Congratulations to Troy K. from Massachusetts. He won a Life Membership courtesy of our friends at GEICO. Don’t forget Mensa members could get a special discount on auto insurance.



Foundation Colloquium

For decades now, manufacturing has been evolving, driven by macro- and micro-economic forces as well as advances in technology. We'll examine the economic, technological, educational, and geopolitical ramifications of how things are made and distributed.

Annual Gathering

If your impression of Indianapolis is racetracks and cornfields, get ready to be amazed. Downtown Indy has been lauded by USA Today, Condé Nast Traveler, Zagat, and The New York Times (among others) for its cultural attractions, walkability, great food and nightlife, museums, and so much more.

Mind Games

Join a few hundred new and longtime board-game friends at Mind Games at the Galaxy Banquet Center for a weekend of playing new-to-the-market games. After a weekend of nonstop game play, you decide which games earn the coveted Mensa Select® seal.

Regional & Local

Introduced in 2008, the EMAG is the largest Mensa event in Europe. It has taken place each year since then in August, and usually spans five days from Wednesday to Sunday.

Mensa Calgary will be proudly hosting Mensa Canada's 2018 Annual Gathering Aug. 3-6, 2018. Mensans, from near and far, are cordially invited to join our AG festivities in downtown Calgary.

Metropolitan Washington Mensa is proud to present our 2018 Regional Gathering: PANDEMIC: Angry Planet! Presentations will focus on all things Earth (and all manners of potential destruction or redemption). That includes weather, water, and wine (it's made of grapes, you know!).

Rivers 3 RG
August 31 - September 3

Four days, three nights, and too much fun! Join Western Pennslyvania Mensa as we celebrate our 38th annual Regional Gathering with our usual blend of food, speakers, games, tournaments, crafts, and more.