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The truth is, my son was a lot smarter than I was, and you could see that coming before he started to walk or talk. Little did I know that Mike's smarts would get him into a world of trouble.

If you’re like me, it gets harder and harder to find the kind of creative, ingenious puzzles that challenge your imagination and mental agility. That changed when I fell in love with a radio show. And what happened when it loved me back changed my life.

Putting humans in space isn’t about exploration or national pride; it isn’t even about science. It’s about survival. A species that can look past short-term costs to the long-term benefit wins. It wins in the only way the universe cares — by staying alive.

Like the brain, studying human intelligence can be curious, particularly when it comes to correlating quantitative measurements with specific biological factors. That is what makes so impressive the research of Dr. Aron K. Barbey, winner of the 2019 Mensa Foundation Prize.

Three hundred Mensans and their guests — tabletop enthusiasts all — travel cross-country to review the year’s best new-to-market board games. Just five are awarded the coveted Mensa Select® seal. See which games made the cut.

With one swashbuckled boot planted firmly in the past and another stepping toward the future, a landing party of Mensans boldly told a packed Comic-Con audience what science fiction holds for them now and tomorrow.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic and often debilitating condition that affects around 3 percent of the world's population and has vexed physicians for centuries. Dr. Casey Okamoto guides us through the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of this painful condition.

Nutritionists encourage us to eat food chock-full of antioxidants — leafy greens, legumes, nuts and cold-water fish — to reduce our risk of cancer and heart disease. Now, there’s another clear reason to add more antioxidants to your diet: better eye health.



Mensa Foundation Colloquium

Before it hits our plates, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes with what we eventually eat. At Colloquium 2020, we’ll explore the latest developments in food science, including investigations into food safety, emerging food and agricultural technologies, maintaining stable food supplies globally, and more. Join us — and bring an appetite!

Annual Gathering

The largest yearly confab of Mensans anywhere, our AG spans five days and features a sprawl of talks, games, and entertainment. Kansas City is a revolution of creativity, music, food, art, and spirit … and we get to enjoy it all week! Connect with M’s from around the globe, reunite with old friends — and make some new ones. Missouri loves company, after all!

Mensa's Mind Games

An annual tradition since 1990, Mind Games is a four-day board-game-judging marathon, during which the year’s five best new-to-market tabletop games are chosen and awarded the coveted Mensa Select® seal. Join hundreds of tabletop fanatics for a long weekend of around-the-clock board gaming.

Regional & Local

Wicked Good! 2019
October 25-27

Boston Mensa is returning to Great Wolf Lodge with no price increase for attendees for the 5th year! Come and enjoy games, tournaments, crafts track, two speaker tracks, puzzles, a costume party, adult coloring books, and Hospitality. 

Sweet Carolina RG
November 15-17

Charlotte Blue Ridge Mensa is excited to present its first RG in a quarter century: For the Health of It. And, no, it won't all be healthy. The Sweet Carolina RG will explore different aspects of the mind and body, including some unconventional methods. Since this is our first RG in a long time, we're gearing up to make sure it's a memorable one.

San Francisco Mensa invites you to the beautiful Sonoma Valley in California's famous wine region. We have a full slate of speakers, hospitality, games, activity room, and, of course, wine! There will be special food events and tournaments, great fellowship and sparkling conversation. 

Join Greater Phoenix Mensa Nov. 28-30 for Phoenix Phiesta XXXVII: “The After AG / RG,” featuring 30+ programs to inform, stimulate, and amuse, games galore, and an awesome all-day kids track.