National awards

American Mensa presents a wide variety of awards recognizing individual members for their contributions to the organization on a national level. These awards are presented every year at the Annual Gathering.

Nominations for national awards are accepted each January through April.
Chairman's Service
Chairman's Service Awards

The Chairman’s Service Award is presented by the Chairman in recognition of superior service to the organization.

Distinguished Service
Distinguished Service Award

The American Mensa Distinguished Service Award is given in cases of outstanding service to American Mensa. Recipients are nominated by members and confirmed by the Awards Committee.

Lifetime Membership
Lifetime Membership Award

The Lifetime Membership Award is usually given for either a great but very brief service, for exceptionally long and steady service, or for exceptional service by someone who has already received another award.

The Margot Award

The Margot, named for American Mensa's first Executive Director, is bestowed "for the rendering of exceptional service to Mensa for a number of years."

National Appreciation
National Certificates of Appreciation

The National Certificate of Appreciation is given in gratitude of a noteworthy contribution to the organization by a member. To receive an award, an individual must be nominated by the membership and then confirmed by the Awards Committee.

National Service
National Service Awards

National Service Awards are given in recognition of faithful service to American Mensa.