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Gifted Youth Admission

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It can be tough to be the smartest kid in the room. Our diverse and ever-growing youth membership makes it a little easier by providing a wide range of benefits, programs, and opportunities built specifically with gifted children and their parents in mind.

From contests to publications, discounts on AP prep courses, and our own accelerated reading program, our Gifted Youth benefits are just another way we provide our younger members with valuable resources. Our youth programs and services are designed to meet their unique needs, and we have a full-time staff dedicated to supporting Young Mensans and their families.

Two Ways to Join

Gifted youth admission follows one of two routes: For those 14 and older, we offer two testing options — one with local volunteer proctors and another at private testing centers across the country. Due to security concerns, as well as testing constraints, we are not able to provide testing for candidates younger than 14.

For all applicants, including those younger than 14, we accept roughly 150 tests that are often administered by schools, testing facilities, or private psychologists, typically for gifted education placement. (See below for acceptable test score documentation.)

Learn More About Mensa Testing How To Join Using Past Test Scores

If you have questions regarding gifted youth admission, including specific questions regarding Mensa Admission Testing and qualifying tests and scores, please contact our Testing and Admissions department.

All American Mensa testing and admissions procedures are done under the supervision of Supervisory Psychologist Dr. Renee Lexow.

Frequently Asked Questions About Youth Admission

If sending from a private psychologist, the documentation must:

  • Be on psychologist’s, clinic’s, or agency’s letterhead
  • Include the candidate’s name
  • Include the name of the exam and the date it was administered
  • List the full-scale IQ and % (or test equivalent)
  • Be signed by the psychologist and include their license number

If sending from a school, any of the following choices are acceptable:

  • An official school transcript, with a school seal or sealed in a school district envelope
  • A letter from the school guidance office, on school letterhead, signed by an administrator
  • A report from the school psychologist, on school district letterhead, signed by the psychologist

Young Mensans are full-fledged members of Mensa — they’re even entitled to vote in elections — and they’re encouraged to take advantage of every benefit of membership. Some Local Groups have specific activities for youth and, even if they don’t, there are many national programs dedicated to serving our youngest members. Please look over the membership benefits carefully and find what will be useful for your family.

As a social organization, Mensa provides the greatest value by acting as a conduit between brilliant minds, connecting curious, passionate people in a shared pursuit of knowledge. We provide Young Mensans with opportunities to find their passion, express their creativity, and connect with other gifted kids over shared interests.

For parents of Young Mensans, communities like our open BrightKids Facebook Group and educator-curated Pinterest boards provide educational resources and a much-needed sounding board of guardians with experience raising gifted kids.

Yes! The Mensa Education & Research Foundation, Mensa’s philanthropic arm, provides the following benefits to all children, regardless of Mensa affiliation:

No. American Mensa is a social organization, we don’t offer a curriculum or program of education for children. If you’re looking for more specific educational suggestions for your child, we would invite you to join our BrightKids discussion group on Facebook and get feedback from other parents.