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Special Interest Groups

Mensa Special Interest Groups are organized around particular topics or interests. And Mensans’ interests are as diverse as Mensans themselves; joining SIGs is a great way to meet members.

Our first two SIGs were founded on Sept. 13, 1965, the Gifted Children Study Group and the Mensa Investment club, and hundreds of others have been founded since (from Generational SIGs to Pirates to Beer and all things in between). If you’re interested in it, there’s a SIG for it!

If you happen to have a particular niche that you don’t find represented, you’re encouraged to start your own SIG and connect with your like minded peers! Online, in person, or by snail mail, SIGs are the fabric of the rich tapestry of Mensa.

Have questions about our SIGs program? Email the SIGs Officer.

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