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Member Logo Use

The word Mensa is both a part of our corporate and trade name, American Mensa, Ltd., and a mark registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Our logo, the stylized M and design, is also a registered mark. Both marks are registered as trademarks and as service marks.

The marks are among Mensa’s most valuable assets. In order to protect Mensa's rights in the marks, their use must be limited. This policy statement sets forth the conditions under which the marks may and may not be used. All arrangements for commercial use of the Mensa name initiated after the date this policy is adopted are subject to this policy.

II. Without the express permission of the American Mensa Committee, neither the logo nor the Mensa mark may be used:

  1. By any person or group for non-Mensa purposes;
  2. Within the name of a special interest group (SIG), its newsletter, or on any products produced or distributed by the group;
  3. On personal stationery unless the word member or other indication of its non-official use accompanies the mark.

If using the logo on envelopes, stationery, business cards, a website or other similar publications, it is appropriate only if accompanied by the text "Mensa member." Please reference American Mensa’s name and logo policy for additional guidelines.

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