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Volunteer with Mensa

Like many organizations, American Mensa grew from a volunteering culture. It’s truly a grassroots organization, as many of our members find each other through Mensa, become involved in their local chapter, and decide together to contribute their communities.

You may have reasons of your own for volunteering at any level of the organization, and it’s important to realize that you really do get out of the Mensa what you put into it! Perhaps you have a skill set to share with your Local Group, a Special Interest Group, or on a national committee.

Maybe you’d like to gain leadership skills, contribute to the greater good, or to make an impact within the organization. Of course, you may just be new to the area and want to make friends, and that’s okay, too. Mensa truly is what you make of it.

We hope you’ll make a difference today by volunteering at the local, regional, or national level. You can start by contacting your Local Group officers, and if you’re a member and would like to participate in other areas of the organization, send an email to the Community Services Chair along with your volunteer and skills CV.

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