Leadership Resources

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each otherJohn F. Kennedy once observed that "Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other," and American Mensa provides a number of opportunities for leadership and volunteering at all levels of the organization. It's also why we provide an entire section of our website devoted to those who get involved and support our membership nationwide!

Board of Directors (AMC)

The American Mensa Committee is American Mensa's board of directors. A seat on the AMC is both a privilege and a responsibility, as members of the board have the duties of carrying out the corporation’s business, setting its policies and priorities, and determining its financial commitments.

Volunteer certifications

To assist ongoing programs, American Mensa offers volunteers the opportunity to participate as officers or appointees in several areas that require additional approvals. These include SIGHT Coordinators, Gifted Youth Coordinators and testing Proctors.

Financial reporting

American Mensa values financial accountability and is committed to transparency with our members.

Forms and guides
Administrative forms and guides

Where would we be without our forms and guides? Included here are commonly requested administrative forms that we provide for your convenience. 

Leadership workshops
Leadership workshops

Ideally, every region will hold at least one leadership event each year. Funding for annual LDWs is available if the RVC follows guidelines and provides solid, useful training plans that will develop local group leaders.

Local Group resources
Make the most of your Local Group resources

Browse here for much of the information you need to get started as a Local Group officer and keep your group running most efficiently.

Officer handbooks
Officer Handbooks

American Mensa's officer handbooks will introduce you to all the possibilities and responsibilities of the various positions available to American Mensa's volunteers. If you're currently holding an office, please familiarize yourself with the relevant handbook.

Policy documents
Policy documents

The Constitution of Mensa is the governing document for Mensa worldwide. American Mensa, in turn, has a set of Bylaws defining the structure and governance of the organization. Within the requirements of the Constitution and our Bylaws, the Board takes various actions, which are compiled into a list known as Actions Still in Effect. In addition, local bylaws are crafted based on the Minimum Standard Bylaws.

Special Interest Group resources
Resources for Special Interest Group coordinators

Whether you've decided to take the plunge and found a SIG, or whether you've been a successful SIG Coordinator for years, the tools and ideas you need to work most effectively are right here.

Strategic planning
Strategic Planning and Management

One of the key responsibilities of any organization is to set forth the process and carry out strategic planning to move forward in achieving its mission and vision.