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The Mensa logo

American Mensa provides graphic files of our logos and banners for Local Group, region, and Special Interest Group use. Additionally, current Mensa members may use these logos provided they adhere to the Name and Logo Standards listed here and in the pertinent Actions Still in Effects regarding name and logo use.

These ASIEs cover additional restrictions of the Mensa name, including the proper copyright usage, approvals for use, and the use of the name combined with other words.

The word Mensa is both a part of our corporate and trade name, American Mensa, Ltd., and a mark registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Our logo, the stylized M and design, is also a registered mark. Both marks are registered as trademarks and as service marks.

The marks are among Mensa’s most valuable assets. In order to protect Mensa’s rights in the marks, their use must be limited. This policy statement sets forth the conditions under which the marks may and may not be used. All arrangements for commercial use of the Mensa name initiated after the date this policy is adopted are subject to this policy.

I. Entities directly related to Mensa may use the logo or Mensa marks in conjunction with activities conducted for the benefit of a local group, a regional gathering, the Mensa Education & Research Foundation, etc., subject to the following standards:

  1. The logo should be reproduced in a solid, unbroken tone on a solid, unbroken background. If enlarged or reduced in size, the relative proportions of each component of the design must remain unchanged.
  2. The logo may be reproduced in any light color on any dark color or vice versa. The segments within the globe are always to be in the same color as the rest of the background.
  3. The logo may be used in a central position for a symmetrical layout, or offset to one side for an asymmetrical layout, but it should never be placed symmetrically on both sides of a layout. The logo should always be reproduced upright, never on a slant.
  4. The logo may, if desired, appear more than once in a layout (e.g., it could be used beside a series of paragraph headings), but should not be reproduced in more than two sizes on one page or panel. The logo may not be used to form a repeating pattern or border.
  5. The logo may not be used in conjunction with any other elements in such a way that these elements could be interpreted as being a part of the logo design. If a line of lettering is to be placed centrally above or below the logo, its length must not be less than 2w - 2h, where w = the width of the logo and h = the vertical distance between the logo and the lettering.
  6. It is permissible to encircle, or partly encircle, the logo with lettering so long as the logo is enclosed in a frame, and conforms to section I.H of these Policies and Rules. The minimum are of clear background left and right of the logo should be one sixth of the width of the logo, and above and below, one twelfth of the width of the logo.
  7. The Mensa logo may not be used as a substitute for the letter M in Mensa, or as any letter in any other word.
  8. When the logo is enclosed in a frame, such frame should normally be not less than three times the width of the logo in its greater dimension, and not less than five times the square of the width of the logo in area. It may exceptionally be enclosed in a smaller frame if there is some special practical or aesthetic necessity for this arrangement. In this case, no other matter may be included within this frame.
  9. The logo may be reproduced in three dimensions but the design and the background should each be in one plane. However, an exception may be made in the case of the segments within the globe, which may be on an intermediate plane or, if desired, on the same plane as the design. In this case the design would have to be in a contrasting tone to the background. The background may be textured but not boldly patterned.
  10. Adjacent to at least one prominent use of the logo and/or the Mensa owned marks on each document or article should be the ® symbol to give notice that the logo and/or marks is/are registered trademarks or service marks.

II. Without the express permission of the American Mensa Board of Directors, neither the logo nor the Mensa mark may be used:

  1. By any person or group for non-Mensa purposes;
  2. Within the name of a special interest group (SIG), its newsletter, or on any products produced or distributed by the group;
  3. On personal stationery unless the word member or other indication of its non-official use accompanies the mark.

III. If the logo or Mensa mark is to be used on an item for sale, the request for permission to use the mark must include a description of the item and its design, the anticipated cost, the intended sale price, and the name of the entity that will receive the profits from the sales. The request must be signed by the person in charge of the local group, regional gathering, etc. that will be making the sales. If permission is granted, all advertisements of the item must note that the use of the logo or Mensa mark has been authorized or licensed by American Mensa, Ltd.

IV. All agreements subject to this policy made contrary to this policy are void.