Attend an event

Whether you want to travel across town or across the country, whether you're looking for an intense learning experience or serious leisure opportunities, American Mensa offers a wide array of events to satisfy the interests of our diverse membership. At least one of them is right for you; plan now to attend!

Annual Gathering
American Mensa's Annual Gathering

Whether you would enjoy meeting old friends in Phoenix, dancing in Denver, touring the French Quarter in New Orleans or going green in Portland, American Mensa's Annual Gathering is just the ticket for your travel and intellectual needs.

The intellectual excitement of Colloquium

The Mensa Foundation Colloquium provides a forum for Mensans and the general public to explore, debate and evaluate a major issue of long-range importance to society.

CultureQuest<small><sup>®</sup></small> for fame and glory

Facing questions that range from film to politics, from literature to geography, from music to history and further afield, Mensan teams of up to five members gather and, for 90 minutes, compete for cash prizes and cultural literacy bragging rights.

Events calendar
Events calendar

American Mensa offers a wide array of events to satisfy the interests of our diverse membership. Check the calendar for the next Regional Gathering, Mind Games® or American Mensa Committee meeting.

Gatherings listing request

For gatherings planners, it is important to publicize the event widely. For a listing in the Mensa Bulletin and here on our website, complete the gatherings listing form.

Leadership workshops
Leadership workshops help our groups

American Mensa's leadership events usually take place over the course of one day, are generally informal but with tons of relevant content, and are usually free to participants.

Mind Games®
Want to play Mind Games<sup>®</sup>?

Manufacturers and inventors from around the world enter their new-to-the-market games in Mind Games, one of the most respected national games competitions.

Regional Gatherings
Enjoy our Regional Gatherings

Each weekend-long Regional Gathering, or RG, usually features speakers; games; a Hospitality room with food, beverages and lots of socializing; and often a little something special, a signature program or activity that the hosting local group injects into the event to make it their own.