All contributions must be the original property of the contributor. Submission to the Bulletin constitutes the author’s granting American Mensa, Ltd., the privilege of reproducing and distributing the contribution as part of the Bulletin issue in which it appears, any revision of that issue, and any later collective work in the same series. Contributors may be sent a nonexclusive license agreement form by which they may further grant to American Mensa, Ltd., sublicensing rights for the benefit of American Mensa, its affiliate corporations and other Mensa organizations worldwide.


We prefer unpublished manuscripts. Simultaneous submissions or previously published works will be considered if they are likely to be new to our readership; please include a clear notice of where they have appeared or may appear in the near future. Readability of manuscripts is crucial; minimum professional standards of typed, double-spaced submissions on white bond paper, with the author’s name on each page and the author’s name and address at the end, are required. Submissions may be sent via email attachment.

We reserve the right to select submissions for publication. Send all contributions to the Editor. No anonymous contributions are accepted. All contributions are subject to editing for content and style as deemed necessary; none will be returned. Maximum length: 2,500 words for feature articles.

Art and Photography

Submitted art must be original. Copies, slides, or digital files may precede original art for acceptance purposes. Cover art should lend itself to four-color separation and should be proposed to the Managing Editor well in advance of published copy deadlines.

Photos must also be original, with photographer’s name affixed, not written, on the back. Large glossy prints, color slides, or digital files are preferred.


Letters submitted for publication should be no longer than 250 words; nothing longer will be considered. Selection of letters favors letter-provoking ideas, representative rebuttals, humor and temperate, logical, persuasive expression. "Dead horse" topics will not be beaten. Direct letters to the Letters Editor.


Submit display advertisements to Bulletin Advertising, American Mensa, Ltd., 1229 Corporate Drive W, Arlington TX 76006-6103. Submit classified ads to Bulletin Classifieds at the same address; also see our information on classified advertising.


The deadline for each issue is six weeks before issue date, or as specified by the Managing Editor.


Permission to reprint contributions must be obtained from the Managing Editor.