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Buy classified advertising

For more information about placing a classified ad in the Mensa Bulletin, email Bulletin Classifieds or call (817) 607-0060.

Ad copy

All advertising copy sent via U.S.P.S. should be typewritten, double-spaced on 8 1/2" x 11" paper. Emailed text will be printed as received. The ad department cannot accept responsibility for handwritten or hand-printed copy. Deadline: six weeks preceding the first of the month of issue.

Ad placement

Acceptance of ads is on a space-available basis. All advertising materials and copy are subject to approval or rejection by the publisher. Advertisers may be required to submit samples of merchandise for sale.

Ad placement will be determined by the managing editor. All ads will be printed in upper- and lowercase, with introductory phrase (first line only) in boldface. Capitals and italics will be used only in specific conventions such as trade names or foreign words.


Please include name, address, daytime phone and membership number for member rates. Checks payable to Mensa must accompany classified advertising copy. American Express, Discover, Visa and MasterCard are also accepted; please include name, billing address, and expiration.

Classified rates

  • Member — $1.50 per word, $15 minimum
  • Nonmember — $2.25 per word, $22.50 minimum

Phone numbers, web addresses, and email addresses are considered one word. Hyphenated words are counted separately (e.g., life-mate is counted as two words). For more information, email Bulletin Classifieds.

Contact information

Communications regarding classified advertising in the Mensa Bulletin (except for responses to Classified box ads) are to be addressed to:

Mensa Bulletin Classifieds
American Mensa
1315 Brookside Dr.
Hurst, TX 76053

Display rates

Three sizes, with approximate word count:

  • One inch, 30 words, $100
  • Two inch, 60 words, $180
  • Three inch, 85 words, $250

All display classifieds dimensions include a standard 2-point border in black and white only. For more information, email Bulletin Classifieds.

Personals and Situations Wanted

Advertisers for Personals and Situations Wanted must be Mensa members in good standing. Other classifications are available to nonmembers, as are display advertisements; rates will be supplied upon request.

Some abbreviations used: M–Married, Male, or Mensan (in last position); F–Female; S–Single; D–Divorced; C–Christian; A–Atheist/Agnostic; J–Jewish; B–Black; W–White; O–Oriental; I–Amerind; G–Gay; Y–Young; N–Non-Mensan. Examples, MFCM–Married Female Christian Mensan; SMM–Single Male Mensan. Jungian personality types take one letter from each pair: Introverted/Extroverted; iNtuitive/Sensory; Thinking/Feeling; Perceiving/ Judging (e.g., ISTJ).