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1. PRP Owl Awards

The PRP Owl award is the highest award an editor, contributor or webmaster can receive via the Publications Recognition Program.

Tags: PRP, publications, award, recognition, contributor, webmaster, editor, newsletter, Web site
2. Lifetime Achievement

This award is presented every other year in recognition of a lifetime of contributions to the field of intelligence and related subjects.

Tags: Mensa Foundation, award, lifetime achievement, contributions, intelligence, research
3. Intellectual Benefits to Society

The Intellectual Benefits to Society Award recognizes individuals who have contributed, through their intellectual abilities, tangible benefit to society.

Tags: Mensa Foundation, Mensa member, award, intellectual benefits, society, contributions, abilities
4. Excellence in Research

These annual awards are given internationally for outstanding research on intelligence, intellectual giftedness and related fields.

Tags: Excellence in Research, award, Mensa Foundation, intelligence, giftedness, international, research
5. Distinguished Teacher

The Mensa Distinguished Teacher Award recognizes a teacher, professor or instructor at any educational level who has had an especially positive influence on the education or life of a Mensa member.

Tags: Mensa Foundation, award, Distinguished Teacher, Mensa member
6. Copper Black

Copper Black was a Mensan who valued creativity. In her will she left a legacy funding a special annual award to recognize an outstanding creative achievement by a member of American Mensa, Ltd.

Tags: Copper Black, award, creativity, Mensa members, Mensa Foundation
7. Local Group Owls

Local Group Owl awards recognize Local Groups that display outstanding effort in the areas of membership growth and retention.

Tags: Local Group Owl, award, recognition, Innovative Owl, Prolific Owl
8. Community activities

The Community Activities Program identifies those activities that local members and groups have undertaken to improve their community.

Tags: Local Groups, chapters, award, community, activities, service
9. National appreciation

The National Certificate of Appreciation is given in gratitude of a noteworthy contribution to the organization by a member.

Tags: Certificate of Appreciation, award, recognition
10. Lifetime Membership

The Lifetime Membership Award is usually given for either a great but very brief service, for exceptionally long and steady service, or for exceptional service by someone who has already received another award.

Tags: Lifetime membership, award, recognition, service

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 11