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American Mensa’s top local chapters encourage activities that promote fun, intellectual experiences for members, community service, and develop good membership recruitment strategies. This year, the following chapters exemplified these qualities to receive the 2011 American Mensa Group of the Year Award.

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2. Web Site

American Mensa’s Web site gets more than 150,000 visitors each month. As our primary recruiting vehicle, this site attracts many prospective members as well as members who return for information, interaction and organizational news.

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3. Research review

American Mensa supports the scientific understanding of giftedness, intelligence and related areas, and we recognize that access to our membership may be an important resource to scholars in those areas.

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4. Direct contact

In today's competitive market for consumer attention, reaching the correct target audience is absolutely critical in finding the individuals most likely to be interested and respond to your product or service offer. American Mensa partners with a list rental firm, offering direct mail opportunities to a highly diverse and intelligent group of people.

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5. Research Review Guidelines
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6. International members

American Mensa is one of more than 100 nations operating under the auspices of Mensa International, Ltd. International members or candidates can transfer their membership, join, get dues information, and get access to American Mensa's Web site.

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7. Special Interest Groups

Mensa has always encouraged members to congregate around their special interests. In recent years the total number of active special interest groups (SIGs) has varied between 130 and 160.

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8. Mind Games®

Manufacturers and inventors from around the world enter their new-to-the-market games in Mind Games®, one of the most respected national games competitions. 

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9. Annual Gathering

Whether you would enjoy meeting old friends in Phoenix, dancing in Denver, touring the French Quarter in New Orleans or going green in Portland, American Mensa's Annual Gathering is just the ticket for your travel and intellectual needs.

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10. Mensa Bulletin

The Mensa Bulletin is the national magazine for members of American Mensa. Your membership dues payment includes a subscription to the Bulletin.

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