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Crash-Landed From Another Planet: An American Pilgrimage

In June, we packed up the Jeep for a father-and-son road trip across America. We didn’t set out to “discover America” or one-up Alexis de Tocqueville but nonetheless made observations about contemporary America on our long drive.

Making Peace With the Stranger in the Mirror

A breast cancer survivor surveys her transformed body and evaluates what’s left, what she lost, and what matters most.

The Best Toy Ever

Back before safety standards, the best toys came with flesh-searing hotplates used to make plastic bugs, cars, and second-degree burns.

Role of the Government in the Creation and Supply of Money

In antebellum America, thousands of loosely regulated currencies flooded the market without the backing of a central bank. The era bears similarities to this current period of proliferating cryptocurrencies.

2021 Mensa Foundation Award Winners Announced

Award recipients include a statistical geneticist whose research identified hundreds of genes highly correlated to variations in intelligence, a lifelong pioneer of pedagogy and educational models, a Houston-based literacy and community-building nonprofit, and more.

Your Story Helps American Mensa Write Its History

The experiences of many thousands of members comprise the deeper story of American Mensa. Now we’re gathering those stories for an extensive oral history publication that you can own.

In Memoriam: Dr. Abbie's Lasting Legacy

Dr. Abbie Salny, who died at age 96 at her New Jersey home, collected endless accolades for her service, inspiration, innovation, and leadership to American Mensa and the Mensa Foundation.

American Mensa Annual Awards

We annually celebrate the members and Local Groups who go above and beyond to help American Mensa thrive. Volunteers are our lifeblood, and these individuals and groups represent the best of the best.

National Events

Spark of Genius | July 6-10, 2022

The largest yearly confab of Mensans anywhere, Mensa’s Annual Gathering spans five days and features a sprawl of talks, games, and entertainment. The 2021 Annual Gathering is a party 75 years in the making! Join Mensans from around the world to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Mensa’s founding.

Portland, Maine | April 28 - May 1

An annual tradition since 1990, Mind Games is a four-day board-game-judging marathon, during which the year’s five best new-to-market tabletop games are chosen and awarded the coveted Mensa Select® seal. Join hundreds of tabletop fanatics for a long weekend of around-the-clock board gaming.

Mensa Foundation Colloquium: Giftedness Across the Lifespan

Efforts in the U.S. and globally to understand and support giftedness tend to focus on gifted education. Going beyond that, Colloquium 2022 will explore and follow giftedness across the lifespan for a more complete picture. Speakers will break down those stages, from youth and adolescence to adult to older adult, to investigate the impact and evolving nature of giftedness over time. 

Local & Regional Gatherings

Join the SCUBA Secial Interset Group for a fun-filled week of diving in beautiful Cozumel.

Enjoy a weekend in person just like back in the good ol’ days. Join Cincinnati Area Mensa for tournaments, games (outdoors and indoors), speakers, 24-hour snacks and beverages, and seeing people IRL, all the laughing, and more!

Central Pennsylvania Mensa’s Solstice RG is back! The event will be held at the same location at the Bird-in-Hand Family Inn. There will be a hospitality room with snacks around the clock with an adjacent gaming room. Join us for presentations and our famous gift exchange! 

Please join Connecticut/Western Massachusetts Mensa for the grand reopening of our Regional Gathering. It’s been a few years, but we’re back! There will be speakers, a games room, and a hospitality suite with additional snacks and drinks.

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