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A New, Convenient Way to Take the Mensa Admission Test

  • Sep 22, 2020

Beginning this October, we’re adding a new way to qualify for Mensa membership.

In addition to Local Group testing and Prior Evidence submission, candidates will soon be able to schedule a private test session at one of the more than 600 nationwide testing facilities available through our new partner, Prometric.

Why the change?

It’s all about convenience. Offering candidates the flexibility to schedule admission testing when it’s convenient for them decreases that barrier to joining Mensa. And adding private testing is especially beneficial for growing groups in rural and geographically widespread areas, as well as for groups who have trouble holding regular test sessions.

How will candidates schedule private testing?

  • Candidates will still sign up and pay for test sessions — both Local Group and private sessions — by visiting
  • From there, candidates will be invited to search for Local Group test sessions or schedule a date and time to take the admission test at a testing facility near them.
  • Candidates who opt for private testing will sit for our standard test battery after scheduling a date, time, and location at a nearby Prometric testing center.
  • Private test sessions will be processed by our staff within 72 hours of completion. Notices of results will be emailed directly to candidates (similar to how Local Group test results are announced).

OK, what else is changing?

We’ll be updating the Join Pages on our website to describe every option for candidates interested in joining American Mensa.

Local Group officers take note: For clarity’s sake, the term “supervised testing” is being shelved in reference to testing offered by Local Groups. That will be referred to as “Local Group testing,” and this new option will be referred to as “private (or electronic) testing.”

Anything else I need to know?

The fee for private testing is $99 and will not be subject to standard discounts offered on Local Group testing. Likewise, groups will not receive funding for candidates who test through Prometric. Groups will, however, receive the same new-member reimbursement for candidates who take Prometric tests and then join.

A webinar will be scheduled in mid-October to review the sign-up and test-taking processes. This will be especially relevant for Local Secretaries, Membership Officers, Testing Coordinators, and Proctors. And we’ll be adding a thorough FAQ here based on questions asked during that webinar.

About Prometric

Prometric is a leading provider of technology-enabled testing and assessment solutions to many of the world’s most recognized licensing and certification organizations, academic institutions, and government agencies.

It supports more than 7 million test takers annually at testing locations in more than 160 countries around the world. Prometric has nearly three decades of experience working with clients of all sizes across a multitude of industry sectors to develop and deploy innovative test development and administration solutions that address evolving market needs.