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Help Us Recognize Valuable Volunteers

  • Feb 1, 2022

Mensa needs volunteers; volunteers need recognition and appreciation for their contributions. Now is your chance to make sure they get it. The American Mensa Awards Committee is calling for nominations for the American Mensa National Awards program.

The National Awards Committee reviews nominations for only service benefiting Mensa beyond the individual’s Local Group and at the national level.

The National Certificate of Appreciation is given in gratitude of a noteworthy contribution to the organization by a member.

National Service Awards are given in recognition of faithful service to American Mensa.

The American Mensa Distinguished Service Award is given in cases of outstanding, generally long-term and varied service to American Mensa.

The Lifetime Membership Award is usually given for either a great but very brief service, for exceptionally long and steady service, or for exceptional service by someone who has already received another award.

The Margot, so named for Margot Seitelman, American Mensa’s first Executive Director, is bestowed for the rendering of exceptional service to Mensa for a number of years. For Mensan volunteers, the Margot is the highest honor obtainable, and it is bestowed by the American Mensa Committee rather than the Awards Committee. Send suggestions for this award to the AMC Chair for consideration.

Though it’s not a national award, the Gifted Youth Program Award is given for superior service as a Gifted Youth Coordinator and contribution to the growth of programs or services for gifted youth and/or Young Mensans. Nominations for this award, sometimes referred to as “GYC of the Year,” should be sent to (Feb. 20 deadline).

Please send nominations of members you feel are deserving of a national award to the National Awards Committee. Your nomination submission should describe in detail the reasons the member is especially deserving of a national award — what did they do on a national level that makes them deserving of an award? The more information provided, the better the committee can consider the nomination.

Individuals should be nominated without a specific award in mind. Consult your Local Group’s policies for how to recognize outstanding local volunteers.

Nominations close at the end of April. Questions should be directed to National Awards Committee Chair Dr. Jean K. Becker.