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Join Mensa International’s Volunteer Team

  • Feb 11, 2020

If you’re interested in volunteering for Mensa International, now is your opportunity to apply. Take the chance to become part of a great international team!

These positions are open to all members worldwide. Members currently serving in a position or on a committee are requested to reapply if they wish to continue to serve in that role. All terms are two years unless otherwise stated, with the term commencing after the IBD meeting in October 2020. The closing date for applications is June 20.

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The following international positions and committees are due to be appointed for the 2020-22 term:

Officers and Coordinators
  • Mensa World Journal Editor
  • International Communications Officer
  • International Events Coordinator
  • International Ombudsman (three year term)
  • International SIGs Coordinator(s)
  • International SIGHT Coordinator(s)
  • International Supervisory Psychologist (three year term)
  • International Archivist
  • Gifted Youth Committee
  • Governance Papers Advisory
  • Committee
  • International Volunteers Network Committee (one year term)
  • Name, Logo, and Licensing Committee

Please direct any questions to Isabella Holz, Mensa International Director of Administration.