Lapsed Member Contact Program

Want to earn a little extra cash for your Local Group? Then get ready to “reach out and touch someone” for the annual Lapsed Member Contact Program.

Every year American Mensa reimburses Local Groups 50 cents for each current-year lapsed member contacted throughout the May-June-July time span — whether or not they renew (but if they do, your local group receives additional money). That “contact” can be a letter, an email, a postcard, or a phone call. To receive reimbursement for this outreach, email our Local Group Services Manager by Aug. 1 (5 p.m., Central time) with the number of lapsed members contacted and how they were contacted. That’s it; no fine print or hidden clauses.

LocSecs, Membership Officers, and Circulation Managers can access the Lapsed Member list, .csv, and mailing labels online. These members are tired of hearing from the National Office; we have mailed and email blasted them for months.

This Lapsed Member Contact Program allows you to do what you do best — offer a personal touch. These are people from your area. You and your Board members probably know some of them! You know what activities they like and why they joined. Use that advantage by making your appeal personal. Create a “Membership Strike Force” with your Board of Directors/ExComm or Membership Committee to reach out to these members. Take the Lapsed Member list to your next Board meeting and divide it up by familiarity or proximity. (Yes, some are going to have to contact people they don’t know.) If your Board member is not comfortable picking up the phone, have them send an email or, even better, a personal note.

An added incentive for members to renew right away is the dues increase that takes place in July. Mensa's annual dues rise to $79 after July 1.

In your communication with your lapsed members, direct them to the American Mensa website for renewal. Add a link in your email or provide the URL address in a note ( If they have not accessed their account since the AMS changeover, they might need extra assistance. Remind them they are logging in with their email address (not their member number) and they might need to request a password reset if they haven’t set a password or can’t remember what they'd set. Make sure to include the toll free number (888-294-8035 ext. 199) to call if they experience difficulties or would prefer to renew via phone.

Thank you for all you do to encourage and promote membership in American Mensa! Please feel free to contact Becky Folger, our Local Group Services Manager. (Becky can also be reached by phone at 888-294-5524.) Now, go “reach out and touch someone.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you verify contact?
Well, we trust you. We’re on the honor system here. You need to document how you contacted members (email, phone, letter). An attached sample would be nice.

Is this for any lapsed member?
This program is for current-year lapses only (those whose membership expired March 31, 2017). Don’t forget: Local Groups receive $1/member for renewing members who have lapsed longer than the current year.

What do I say to these members?
Use the checklist below and share it with everyone who is contacting lapsed members. There are sample letters/emails in the archives if you would like to see them.

When do we get the money?
We need an email with number of members contacted and form of contact by Aug. 1. (Put that in your calendar now!) The extra money will show up in your August funding deposit.

A stamp costs 46 cents, how is this worth it?
Well, an email or a phone call doesn’t cost that much. Save the postage for the really tough cases. Take advantage of the easy-to-use “Email Your Members” feature in “Local Group Resources” under the “Lead” tab on the website.

Is it 50 cents each time we contact them?
Sorry, 50 cents per current year lapsed member. Some members might need to be contacted more than once: an email followed up by a phone call, or a phone call followed by a personal note. Just remember, there’s more money for you if that member renews.

Lapsed Member Contact Checklist
  • Is your greeting personal? Use the member’s name instead of “Dear Member.”
  • Don’t start with the “ask.” Establish a friendly connection first.
  • Is your tone friendly, warm? (Use “you” and “we.” Read your draft out loud to ensure it sounds conversational.
  • Are you making a connection? This is personal to your member. Do they belong to a SIG? A regular at dinner nights? Love Game Nights or CultureQuest? Leverage those connections.
  • Did you “show them the benefit?" Outline the experiences/advantages of membership. Think about why you’re a member.
  • Did you demonstrate membership value?
  • Did you create excitement about successful programs your Local Group has run or the plans for next year?
  • Did you make it easy for members to renew? Did you provide clear instructions on how to renew?
  • Did you demonstrate urgency? Renew today — we need you; dues increase in July; upcoming RG.
  • Did you include a link to the American Mensa website or its URL? How about the phone number?
  • Did you thank them and acknowledge their value as a member?
  • Did you create a buzz about upcoming Local Group activities to encourage renewal and engagement?
  • Did you customize your closing? “I look forward to seeing you at our ______ meeting.” “Can’t wait to work with you on ______.” “We’re going to dominate at Trivia Night!”