Mensa Connect, our new community hangout

Powered by Higher Logic, this extension of our website will provide members with new ways to interact with other Mensans, their Local Groups, local and national officers, and Special Interest Groups. If you’ve used Yahoo! Groups or similar forum software, you should find it very familiar. Included are public forums where you can connect with other members and private communities for Local Groups, national committees, and officer roles.

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Benefits of the move include a mobile-friendly interface, easy-to-access archives of past messages, and automatic membership checks — features often desired by Local Groups trying to admin online communities elsewhere. And now we're debuting perhaps the most sought-after benefit: an all-inclusive mobile app. Download the "MemberCentric" app in the App Store or Google Play, search for "Mensa" when asked to choose an organization, and log in using the same username and password you use here.

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The past few weeks have been spent beta testing the software with a dedicated task force of member volunteers. Last week we emailed each Local Group, officer, and national committee elist with information about the move and invited a handful of active committees to begin testing the community. Going forward, here's what our integration timeline looks like:

  • Dec. 5: The first public and private forums go live, including six general interest communities and communities for each national committee and officer role. Dec. 5 will also be the last day that posts to the current online Community and elists will be migrated to their new, corresponding communities. This does not include Local Group elists.
  • Throughout December: We'll work with each Local Group, including those who employ national-run listservs, to determine who'll administer each local community, as well as the default notification settings. Together, we will pick a start date for each Local Group between Jan. 2 and March 1.
  • Jan. 2 - March 1: We'll begin creating the new Local Group communities. Upon creation of each community, groups will have no more than three weeks of overlap with their old mailing list. Local officers are encouraged to make the most of this period to post messages and get people using the new system. After three weeks, or earlier if the group decides it's ready, the elist for their group will be turned off.
  • April - June: Requirements gathering for Local Group communities (find the spec sheet here), then bringing each of those communitites online.
  • TBD: Requirements gathering for Special Interest Group communitites.


  • Six general interest communities (see below)
  • Each national committee will transition from an elist to individual communities
  • Each officer elist will transition to its own community, with combined talk/announce lists
  • Communities for each Local Group
  • Communities for Special Interest Groups

General interest communities

  • All things American Mensa
    Explore the Mensa universe and its many galaxies.
  • Mensa Foundation
    An advocate for intelligence, it's the answer to the question: How does Mensa benefit society?
  • New Member Lounge
    Welcome to the club! Learn how to make the most of your Mensa experience.
  • Hospitality
    The place to mix and mingle. Pull up a virtual chair and enjoy the company of other Mensans.
  • Firehouse
    Unmoderated discussions.
  • Forum Support
    Need help or an answer? This is the place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to remember another login?

No. Mensa Connect will integrate seamlessly with our current website, including single sign-on.

How can I change my notification settings?

Posts on Mensa Connect can also be sent to your email. You can adjust your email notification preferences to real-time, daily digest, or none at all. This can be done per community.

Will I be able to opt out of email notifications?

Yes. For each community, you can select from among: real-time notifications, daily digest, or no notifications at all. If you select the latter, you will get updates only by logging into the website.

Must I really use this thing?

Nope. It’s simply another way to connect with Mensans. We also have Facebook groups, if that’s more your speed. You can opt out of all Mensa Connect communities at any time. If you change your mind, it’s easy to rejoin.

Mensa's current online Community

What will happen to all the old threads?

All discussion threads will be migrated over to the new Mensa Connect communities.

Will Mensa Connect have its own Terms of Service?

Yes. We’ve had terms of service on the forums before, and it’s not going away.

Transition from officer elists to communities

How will an officer join an officer community?

Officer roles are tied to your account, so new officers are automatically added to their respective communities once their account is updated with their new role.

Will the Talk and Announce lists remain separate?

There will be one community per officer role. If an officer decides to opt out of notifications, the admins can choose to send an email blast to all members of that group that overrides their notification settings much like how the Announce list worked.

Will former officers remain on the lists for current officer roles?

There will be a separate community for M-Leaders where all current and former leaders can post ideas, discuss problems, and serve as mentors for each other.

What will happen to all the old messages?

The current mailing lists and archives will be migrated over to the Mensa Connect community, so you will be able to look up conversations from the past at your leisure.

Local Group communities

How will a member join a Local Group community?

Members will be automatically added to their Local Group community. If they update their address with the National Office, they'll automatically be moved to their new community.

I live in one Local Group but often travel to another. Can I join additional Local Group communities?

Yes. You can request access from the admins of that Local Group.

I’m not interested in hearing from my Local Group. Can I leave my Local Group community?

Yes, you can leave your Local Group community at Mensa Connect at any time. Note that this is not the same as leaving your Local Group. For that, please contact the National Office.

Who will administer my Local Group community?

We're still sorting this bit out, but the default admin for each Local Group community will be the group's LocSec. He or she will also be able to assign additional admins, such as the Communications Officer or Social Media Manager. Each Local Group community will be set up manually and by request. During setup, the National Office and the LocSec/ExComm will determine how they'd prefer to administer their community.

Does this mean that all communications need to go through Mensa Connect now?

No, this is an additional channel of communication. As an officer, you will still have the Email Your Members and Newsletter Upload tools.

Our Local Group does not want to moderate a community on Mensa Connect. Do we have a choice?

Local Group communities will be enabled by request. Each Local Group will need to assign an admin to manage the group before it can be activated.

What if we don’t want a whole “community” for our Local Group and only want to send announcements?

You can skip Mensa Connect entirely and continue to use the Email Your Members tool currently available.

My group gets Google Calendar notifications through our mailing list. Will this work after the change?

We're still working on this.

My Local Group uses multiple lists for subgroups. Will they all transfer over?

We're still working on this one, too.

Gifted Youth

Will minors be able to access Mensa Connect?

No. Mensans under the age of 18 will not have access to Mensa Connect.

Special Interest Groups

I am a SIG Coordinator. Can I request a community be created for my SIG?

Yes, very soon! We are currently focusing on kickstarting the general interest and officer/committee communities. In 2018, we'll open this up to SIGs. Stay tuned!

I have international members in my SIG. Will they be allowed to use Mensa Connect?

Some international members already have an account on our website. They have limited access and can see only the benefits page and the existing community forums. Because Mensa Connect is replacing the online forums, they will continue to have access to the public boards. SIGs will be able to choose whether or not they want their community to be visible to international members and even then can choose to approve/reject requests to join.

Questions? Please email Second Vice Chair Billie Lee.