Nominations Open for Internationally Elected Officers

In accordance with Article X of the Constitution of Mensa, the International Election Committee invites nominations for the following internationally elected offices:

  • International Chairman
  • International Director-Administration
  • International Director-Development
  • International Treasurer

Nomination by National Mensas

National Mensa committees may nominate a candidate or a slate of candidates for any or all offices by submitting the name(s) of such candidate(s). A national Mensa group may nominate more than one individual for each office. Nominations should be made on the National Mensa Committee nomination form available from the IEC. The identities of all nominating national Mensa groups shall be made public to all voters with the candidate material.

Nomination by members

Members may nominate a candidate or a slate of candidates for any or all offices by submitting:

  1. the name(s) of such candidate(s);
  2. a petition signed by at least 100 members who are in good standing as of Jan. 1, 2019;
  3. verification of such good standing.

Petition signatures must be submitted on a form, which can be obtained from the IEC.

Nominee requirements

Each potential candidate must:

  1. be a member in good standing as of the date of nomination and continue to remain a member in good standing throughout the election period until May 31, 2019;
  2. not have served in the post they are nominated for in the previous two consecutive terms;
  3. submit written acceptance of his or her nomination (using the form available from the IEC);
  4. state his or her willingness to serve if elected; and
  5. agree to abide by the rulings of the IEC and the International Ombudsman in the matter of complaints and conflicts arising from the elections.

All nominations, including petitions and acceptances, must be sent in hard copy or in scanned electronic copies to the Mensa International office in time to ensure its arrival no later than Jan. 28, 2019, at the following address:

Mensa International Ltd.
Slate Barn Church Lane, Caythorpe
Lincolnshire NG32 3EL
United Kingdom

Petition and acceptance forms may also be submitted by email at

For more information, and for all inquiries regarding the election including nomination forms, please contact the International Election Committee.

Reprinted with minor modification from the Mensa World Journal, issue #070, November 2018, Editor Karin Tikkanen.