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How Private Mensa Admission Testing Works

Our Private Testing option is designed with your convenience in mind. Easily find and schedule a test session near you based on your availability. What’s better, you’ll receive your exam results in two to three business days (compared to two to three weeks with traditional Local Group testing).

Scheduling your exam is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Create your Mensa profile and purchase a private test session by clicking the button below. You’ll receive a confirmation email letting you know what to expect next.
  2. In approximately one to two business days, you’ll receive an email from with your username and password for scheduling your exam location and time. Follow the instructions inside to log in and schedule your private test session.
  3. Show up at the test site with your confirmation email, along with a government-issued or student ID, in hand at the date and time of your session.

The name on your Mensa profile must match, exactly, the name listed on your government-issued or student ID. You will not be allowed to sit for the exam if your name does not match what’s on your ID.

Simple as that. Just click the button below to purchase your private test session, and we’ll see you soon!

Purchase Private Testing

Culture fair test battery

We also offer a culture fair test battery, primarily for those who do not speak English as their primary language. This battery of three tests is designed to measure intelligence without the influence of cultural climate, level of education, or verbal fluency. These tests are nonverbal and require only that candidates be able to distinguish relationships among figures and shapes. Individuals who do not qualify via American Mensa’s primary test battery can also take the culture fair battery as a means to qualify for membership.

The culture fair test battery is available only through testing administered by Mensa Local Groups, and it is administered on an as-needed basis. Those interested in taking the culture fair test battery should specifically request the option when scheduling a test session with local volunteers.