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Baker Ring, First Vice Chair

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Baker Ring joined Middle Tennessee Mensa in 1993. He served Mensa as Vice Chair, Region 5 for three terms. After a hiatus from the AMC, he was appointed to the vacant position of Second Vice Chair in 2022 and moved into the First Vice Chair role in 2024. He has held several positions in MTM, currently serving as LocSec and Proctor.

Baker recently retired from teaching after 35 years. He is in his fourth term as County Commissioner and has been involved with several local non-profits that support historical sites as well as serving as Chair of a non-profit that works with special-needs children and adults.

Born in Germany to an Air Force pilot and a church choir director, he is the oldest of 6 children. After living in Georgia, Michigan, and California, he joined most of his family in Gallatin, Tenn., where he is the part of the eighth generation of his family in the area.