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Trebor Lefebvre, Regional Vice Chair 2

Trebor Lefebvre headshot

Raised in a small village in NYC, Trebor was a middle child in a family with six children who all went to the same school from K-12. She would have made good on her personal goal of reading every book in the school library, had she not fallen under the spell of musical theatre.

After earning a bachelor’s in classical studies, she raised her family in a hundred-year-old home on the edge of the woods in a Midwest university town.

Having settled in the D.C. metro area for nearly 15 years, she currently works in Sotheby’s real estate division and can be found zipping about town on her Vespa (although without her fiancé who refuses to ride pillion).

Two decades of Mensa membership have provided her most cherished friendships — sharing triumphs and tragedies between annual get-togethers and becoming a better person for the experience.