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Beth Anne Demeter, Regional Vice Chair 7

Beth Anne Demeter headshot

Beth Anne joined Mensa in 2000 after graduating college and accepting a job in the big city of Chicago. She used Mensa as a springboard for social life and to meet her best friends. Volunteering with Chicago Area Mensa, she was LocSec (four years), HalloweeM Chair (five years), AGOG Chair (four years) and more.

Nationally, she spent two years on the American Mensa Committee as Membership Officer. She was also nominated to share leadership knowledge with other world Mensas in first Leadership Exchange Ambassador Program.

Beth Anne moved to Denver in 2013 to take a job in the ski industry. She since shared her knowledge and leadership with Denver Mensa as LocSec and Mind Games Co-chair. Beth Anne presently works as a real estate agent west of Denver selling mountain homes (several on gold mines!). She spends her time with her amazing Mensa husband and decidedly non-Mensa kitties.